By Jason Michael

THERE MUST BE A SCHOOL for English politicians where they are taught the special privilege they have over Scotland and Scottish people. Isn’t it strange that we never hear Scottish politicians, opposition politicians, say what they are and are not prepared to allow their English counterparts to do in their own country. Yet, this is precisely what Jeremy Corbyn has done by saying he would not stand in the way of Scotland having another independence referendum. What other country, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, suffered a situation in which politicians in another country generally assumed authority over the decisions of another?

It is indeed nice to hear Mr Corbyn say that he wouldn’t have a problem with us holding another referendum, but his opinion – which he appears not to understand – is irrelevant. Scotland does not need the permission of the British government to exercise its own democracy. We don’t need a Section 30 order. We don’t need to ask permission to be a nation. We are a nation. There is nothing in law demanding we ask permission. The Edinburgh Agreement of October 2012 was never a legal or constitutional requirement. It was a courtesy and nothing more. Sure, having created the precedent it creates a soft basis for the British government to demand the same, but this makes it no more of a requirement than it was before – no requirement at all.

When there is a clear majority in Scotland in support of independence, and we are fast approaching that moment, there is no power in the world that can stop us leaving the union at the time of our choosing. There are people, and we’ve all heard them – we’re sick and tired of listening to them, who will tell us what the law requires. The law! Whose law? Not our law, that’s for sure. British law can say what it likes. The purpose of British law is to keep us under the thumb of the British government, but we in the independence movement are in the business of dismantling Britain’s hold over our country – together with its government and it law.

Corbyn has spoken about “giving consent” to Scotland to hold another referendum. He has said that he will “decide” when he becomes Prime Minister. Firstly, Jeremy Corbyn has as much chance of becoming Prime Minister as the anti-Catholic sectarian bigot Andy Kerr has of becoming Pope. In fact, there is more chance of Ruth Davidson becoming First Minister than Corbyn winning a general election, and – trust me – Ruthie ain’t going to be First Minister. Secondly, and most importantly, the people of Scotland – and only the people of Scotland – will decide when we will be holding another referendum. This, given the sovereignty of the Scots, is a reserved matter.

But that Corbyn and so many other English politicians can assume the right to give us permission or give their consent to us on anything tells us a great deal about the nature of this union. These English politicians have been formed in a political environment which assumes a sense of shared English ownership of Scotland, it is a condition of the imperial mind. Why this doesn’t shock and enrage the Scottish unionist has long puzzled me. How can anyone listen to someone in another country talk about giving us permission – as though we were children – to do anything and still be content with their lot? The only answer is that they are Malcolm X’s “house negroes.” Life in the union has kept them in comfort. It has given them place and privilege. Knowing this is the best they can ever expect they will continue to play Uncle Tom.

Yet, the reality remains; we alone are in charge of our own destiny. If we think, even for a moment, we – like infants – need permission to be free then we will never be free. Having bought into the slave mentality of a servile people, we have been trained like dogs to know our masters. Even after independence we will be like stray dogs. Freedom and independence are not defined by law or by any constitution, they are dispositions of the people of the nation. If we, the people, are not free and independent by our very nature the entire project of national independence is dead in the water. We must first realise that we are free before asserting our national independence.

Here’s the thing; the door is open. It has always been open. All this time we have been free to leave whenever we want. But we have been conditioned to believe, like a herd of sheep, that only the landowner can take us through the gate. Thus, we have become our own gaolers. This is how power operates, this is how it enslaves. It imprisons the mind of the dominated, and produces in the dominated mind the will of the master. Scottish independence can and must begin only in the realisation that we are free when we want to be free. The moment we decide as a nation that we are no longer owned by England, that we no longer require permission, we will walk through that open door with ease. We are the only ones standing in our way.

Free people live by their own laws. Those who live by the rules of another have no claim on freedom and will never truly know independence. The independence movement is in the business of dismantling the British state, not by marching on London and sacking the fortress of some oppressor, but making the bold and courageous decision to write our own rules and live – and die – by them as free people. No nation which lives by its own rules, on its own terms, can ever be dominated. Mr Corbyn or any other English politician can assume the power to give us permission only so long as we accept the terms others have imposed on us. It ends the moment we choose to be free.


What is freedom? | J. Krishnamurti

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6 thoughts on “We Don’t Need Mr Corbyn’s Permission

  1. indeed slavery and its associated conditioning/brain washing is the state (sic) that the Scots are held it. It is incumbent upon us to dismantle and heal the effects of that conditioning. Without the energetic freeing of minds and souls it presents an almost insurmountable problem for the independence movement. Now is the time to do that work.

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  2. Ok, we’re here. Now’s the time. How do we specifically move forward? The ScotParl legislates for a referendum? Which WM will challenge. We don’t legislate for a referendum but instead do what? Real question….it’s time!

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    1. We hold a referendum which Westminster will challenge. We honour the result of the referendum which Westminster will refuse to recognise. We ignore Westminster which will force Westminster to action which we resist.

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  3. to Jeggit: ANd then ‘something’ happens and WM agrees to sit down and negotiate our leaving the UK. I can’t see what that ‘something’ is no matter how hard I try. And I really am trying! We MUST be indy soon! WHat will bring them to the table?

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  4. Monica
    Understood. Suspect it is getting to the point by dint of bovine AngloBritNat exceptionalism (well historically evidenced and underscored by their repeated trouncings in the EU forum, as well an uber violent track record elsewhere globally, that we sovereign Scots of all roots and persuasions shall be forced to stand with the Spartans, as it were, in our mutual defence in kinship with our European brothers and sisters against these ravening BritNat Brexit hordes – the Persian contest with the Greeks was but a civilized blimp in human conduct by comparison. The Sack of Rome, too, by the Gothic/Visigoth versions prescient of this neo-fascist assault on us sovereign Scots and our European and global kith and kin a mere bagatelle comparatively speaking as to what they are doing to us now, and what they will really do to us down the road when their dogs of war are fully unleashed).

    I suspect we sovereign Scots Citizens are the Spartans guarding the Democratic
    Pass and Gates whilst the Irish Athenians and other EU states get themselves organized and found a political ‘navy ‘ as a way to well and truly fcuk them on the global stage and High Seas forevermore (especially so given Trump would not even consider throwing them a lifebelt even in their obvious distress and Mayday panicky honking).

    Bracing times, Monica, given the historical record and our collective Scots will democratic

    Daibhidh (David)


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