By Jason Michael

BRITAIN IS RUN BY MORONS. Not exactly the most professional or journalistic way to put it, but it’s true nonetheless. Britain is currently under the management of a shower of supercilious, incompetent bampots. They are morons. Finally managing to nuke the Russians in a days-long marathon game of Civilization IV is about as close as I have gotten to running a country, and even I knew the “Chequers deal” was going to go down like a lead balloon. The only time anyone should be getting behind this Prime Minister is when behind her is up-wind from her. Theresa May sticks.

Firstly, let’s get this right; the Chequers deal was never a deal. Deals are the result of negotiation, compromise, and agreement between competent parties. What was shouted at the British Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s pile in the country was a proposal, and a proposal becomes a deal only when the other side to the negotiation accepts it. Europe did not accept this proposal. It flat-out rejected it, and once again left Mrs May – quite actually – looking like a spoon standing outside the Salzburg summit venue in the cold. Ollie Robbins, the UK chief official who described the proposal as a “game changer,” and everyone else who encouraged her to run with this idea should be sacked. While we’re busy working for independence, we’re still part of the United Kingdom, and these people are making all of us look like monkeys out on a hen night.

There are a few things the London government needs to process here; it doesn’t get to dictate the terms of Brexit to the European Union, it isn’t speaking to one of its colonies, and it can’t demand that the Europeans come up with a solution to Britain’s self-inflicted problems. Yet, at every phase of these talks this is precisely what the UK has been doing. The arrogance of the British side is not winning friends, and it does not take a genius to realise that friendship and trust are required before anything coming close to a deal can be struck. Theresa seems to have gathered this much herself. Her embarrassing little tantrum of a press conference confirmed that at last the penny has dropped for her – she’s preparing for a no-deal exit.

What this means is that we should be preparing for a no-deal Brexit. That is, after all, the best we’re going to get from this mess – the bum’s rush without so much as a chocolate watch. No deal is what Britain is hoping for, strangely enough. The hardest possible exit from the EU – better understood perhaps as a least-strings divorce – frees the British government and wealthy members of the establishment to re-engage or legally engage in their own international money-making schemes, the sorts of things Europe has been frowning on for years – arms deals, security contracts, blood diamond trading, military contracts, special consulting, and private warfare. Freedom from European restrictions will rapidly turn Britain into a dirty economy, making many of the key Brexiteers and their chums a shed load of money.

It won’t be quite the same for the rest of us on the ground. On 29 March next year, at least until other arrangements are in place – which the UK is not free to negotiate until then, our borders with the EU will close, food and essential medicines and medical supplies will not be shipped in, and some form of rationing will begin. This isn’t scaremongering. The way trade works, the way it has always worked, is by treaty and agreement. Brexit is the termination of all these agreements, and a no-deal Brexit is a no treaties, no agreements Brexit. Without common agreements on hygiene, pharmaceutical certification, food safety and animal transit regulation, and everything other such like, nothing will be moving in any direction between these islands and the European Union. Period.

How does a community function when it is ghettoised and bricked off? It doesn’t. The limited supply of essentials means that prices will rise, black markets will sprout out of the woodwork, and the normal operation of society rapidly deteriorates. The British government has already drawn up plans for emergency policing and the use of the armed forces to distribute food. The army doesn’t come onto the street to manage soup kitchens and hand out tins of Spam. The army hits the street to maintain or re-establish order, and this is exactly why the army will be manning the breadlines.

Thankfully, this will not be a permanent situation. But we should expect it to last anywhere between two weeks and a month. Regardless of this, sensing our desperation, future trade partners will not be offering the best trade conditions – beggars can’t be choosers, so, even after the initial crisis, we can expect higher prices for basic imported commodities. We will no longer have a free trade agreement, meaning prices of all imports will be generally more expensive. In the long-term, unemployment will rise and our average standard of living will fall. Compounding this there will be a brain drain and a capital flight. Neither international business nor finance appreciate borders. The process of their departure from the UK is already well underway. When the crisis begins those still trading here will leave. EU citizens will leave, taking with them their skills, taxes, and savings. Along with them will go their UK family members and other UK citizens with skills and the means.

On 29 March 2020, one year after Brexit day, the United Kingdom will be a far different place. The wealth gap will have been greatly widened, with the richest percentile wealthier than it has ever been and the poorest reduced to poverty unseen in the UK since perhaps before the Second World War. Again, this is not a scare tactic. This is simple mathematics and economics. Given that we are no longer a production economy, and considering many services will have migrated to the EU, those services remaining will be operating on more expensive imports. The only credible economic forecast is that the UK economy will shrink fast and continue to shrink until it reaches a natural balance after everything that has been removed is taken into account.

We have to ask: What sort of government willingly and knowingly does this to the state it has been elected to represent? There are only two possibilities; either this is being done with malicious intent – which may well be the case on the part of those who stand to profit the most – or it is being done by people who don’t know their arses from their elbows – morons. After considering this question, I would tend to say that the answer is part column A and part column B. Yes, the people behind the scenes, the unelected moneyed élite of the British establishment, are doing this to us to line their pockets, and yes, the elected government is doing it because they are idiots – spineless idiots. But this is Britain today. This is what we have voted for, and it won’t change until we use the ballot box or the pitchfork to do something else.


Mundell admits Brexit could help the case for independence

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2 thoughts on “There is No Plan A

  1. Jason

    I fear this actually is “PLAN A”.

    If you look at what Westminster has actually being doing (not the logical Brexit negotiations you think they should be doing); does the past 2 years support your “incompetence” thesis?

    Sure this government has not done a jot of real negotiations and deliberately thrown “dead-cats” at every engagement. However, Westminster has done a surprising amount to legislate itself unimaginable power. More worryingly is the information about army and police show they have done a significant prep for a no-deal “state of emergency” control of the population.

    This government’s consistent use of incendiary dead-cats now looks more like a deliberate strategy than incompetence. If it was just incompetence they would be random and nowhere nearly as effective. These have been delivered at every point of scrutiny to distract their media + public.

    Westminster has also deliberately only puts out crumbs of its actual preparations…always designed to make people only focus on the craziest details. This means everyone is consumed in mocking the detail and Westminster can avoid discussing the full extent of what has been planned. Notice these are also never discussed in context (or all in one place) so the public never sees the full picture.

    A deliberately intended Brexit dystopia is potentially more frightening than a “Lord of the Flies” by misadventure. These Brexit dystopic effects and their horror would be intended. Just imagine the stress that is intended to put the population under…for what purpose. For a government to countenance (actually call for) inflicting this on its population when it is so contrary to the purpose of government means everyone should question their motives.

    I fear it looks for all the world like the privileged are about to brutally squeeze every drop of value out of the public and their assets. If this is the case, the potential scale of the impact will affect all but the very top wealthy.

    The UK and Scotland is potentially being set up for the Great Dispossession.

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  2. You paint a scary picture. I cannot understand why the HOC. doesn’t grow a pair and vote her and her policiescdown. But there again we have a useless opposition lead by by a useless old man. May I add I too am avuselesscold man, so I can tell one when I see one.

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