By Jason Michael

AS THE US-UK POSITION IN SYRIA deteriorates the British government has launched an international manhunt for two squirrels Russian spies, agents of the Russian intelligence directorate the GRU believed to have carried out the botched novichok attack in Salisbury. According to Theresa May two super-spy elite assassins; Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, sought out every CCVT camera in the UK to pose for holiday snaps, handled the deadliest nerve agent known to man wearing nothing but body warmers and beanie hats, and somehow managed to walk through an alternative reality in which the “Beast from the East” wasn’t happening as they made their way to Salisbury – close to where the UK manufactures novichok at Porton Down – to make what is possibly the worst assassination attempt in the history of espionage.

Adding to the belief in Petrov and Boshirov’s supernatural abilities Craig Murray noted that security camera footage of them entering Gatwick Airport has them in the exact same location – independently of one other – at the exact same moment. Nothing about this story adds up. Either we are to accept the UK government’s evidence and assume these lads have magical powers, or the British have fabricated a whopper to distract us and have manipulated photographs – poorly – to back up their story. It is becoming more difficult by the day to believe anything London says.

Earlier today, in an effort to clear things up, I contacted the Russian Embassy. Other than snorting at my question the chap in the Press Office asked only: “What the ‘Chuckle Brothers?’” before saying he could not make a comment on the issue. Obviously, the Russians are finding this nonsense has hilarious as the rest of us. An hour later the Embassy tweeted an image of the suspects beside an image of the of the UK military clean-up operation in which the experts are kitted out in serious looking yellow hazmat suits and oxygen masks. Russians just must be hardier souls.

The British government has gone into a hardened form of propaganda mode against the Scottish independence movement; being caught out in innumerable lies, manipulations, and distortions. When it comes to Scotland we have gotten used to the fact that the London government and the BBC are prepared to lie – to do and say anything which might further their agenda of protecting the union. Given the intensity of this anti-Scottish campaign and the frequency of the lies, we find it impossible to believe a word that comes from their mouths. When Theresa May spoke in the Commons – naming these men as suspects, and once pictures were circulated, we had to be suspicious. As people examined the photos the inconsistencies became obvious.

On the 3 March, when England was under a pile of snow, these two men are walking about in the rain. There isn’t so much as a snowflake to be seen. Closer inspection reveals that the pictures have been edited. They have been caught telling lies again – but why?

It’s difficult to say for sure. The UK has a few reasons to take a pop at Mother Russia. Russian media – thanks to the British media’s refusal to give him a fair platform – hosts the Alex Salmond Show, giving a voice to what Whitehall clearly views as a clear and present danger to the integrity of the union London dominates. Only last night Sputnik – RT’s sister network – announced it would be giving a weekly column to Tommy Sheridan – another outspoken Scottish independentista. Russia does not have the UK’s best interests at heart, and neither do we in the independence movement. But there is another possible reason. In another theatre of the Russo-British conflict the Russians are on the verge of wiping Britain and America’s terrorist allies off the map.

In the Syrian conflict the one thing that links the UK-backed “civil defence” White Helmets and the so-called anti-Assad “rebels” – all of which are supported by the US and the UK – is their roots in what used to be called al-Qaeda. That Russia is now approaching the final phase of its mission to displace these terrorist groups from their last remaining strongholds near Idlib, the US-UK foreign policy strategy of “regime change” is coming apart at the seams – and fast.

The Russian objective in its current assault on terrorist positions around Idlib in the north-east of Syria is to bring the conflict to an end and restore government to Bashar al-Assad, but, rather than accept that their al-Qaeda allies have been comprehensively licked, the British and the Americans have dug their heels in – prepared now to turn an even blinder eye to the worst excesses of the terrorists. But such a policy requires a massive diversionary operation at home; hence the invention of grade-A Cold War-style Russian assassins marauding over poor little England.

Yet, much like its recent invention of an “SNP Civil War,” the reaction to the fabrications at home has been one of complete contempt and ridicule. The real problem this poses the British government is one of credibility. The UK has shown itself to be a liar; it is now well-known that the man responsible for the Manchester bombing was MI6 trained and rescued from Libya by the Royal Navy. It is well understood that covert funding was pumped into the White Helmets from UK-Aid for the purposes of fighting a dirty war in Syria. It has become impossible to take what the British state says at face value – and this, more than anything else, is what poses the greatest risk to our national security. Even if it is telling the truth – it has called Wolfe once too often. There are only two routes open to the UK; either it starts telling the truth or it gets better at lying.


‘May basically accused Putin of ordering Salisbury poisoning’ – Neil Clark

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3 thoughts on “Wanted: Two Russian Spies

  1. I have absolutely no clue what happened in Salisbury but the one thing I do have is absolutely no trust in the British Government’s version of events. I heard this being described on the BBC news as being akin to a cold war spy thriller but no spy novel I’ve ever read (and I used to be an avid reader of such) had a plot with as many glaring holes as this one being told in Parliament and by the media. ‘They’ are attempting to create a whole new cold war with Russia (and the Chinese bogyman in the east just to keep us nervous). It used to be ‘the commies’ we all needed to be afraid of but now it is just ‘The Russians’.

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  2. I thought it might the intended squirrel distraction might be Brexit and the lack of progress on a deal. Maybe the Maybot was trying to show how good our security services are and thus how much the EU27 needs the UK. The Syria angle had not occurred to me.

    I also find it fascinating that the USA is hunting for the Trump- Russia connection for tampering with their elections. The fact that it was Facebook and American/Canadian/UK companies using data on UK voters to tamper with our referendum seems to have passed them by.

    I definitely think Russia is being used as a scapegoat here.

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