By Jason Michael

LATE TO THE PARTY ON THIS ONE. Storms on social media never last too long, but Joanne Rowling OBE’s recent brain fart on Twitter – a warning of the dangers of Scottish nationalism – deserves at least some discussion. In a week where her fellow unionist celeb Katie Hopkins – while “reporting” for the Canadian alt-right “news” channel Rebel Media from Israel; where she actually said the “Muslims are in control” – tweeted a link, “without comment,” insinuating Syrian refugees were behind the murder of six-year-old Alesha MacPhail, Rowling decided to have a pop at the other side – the evil Scottish nationalists.

In fairness to her, Joanne has been known to take the odd swipe at the far-right in Trump’s United States, but that’s easy – it keeps her comfortable middle-class fan base in the States happy. But she is never critical of the same racist far-right in Britain, and she is outspoken in her opposition to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement’s activism against the violent, extreme, and state-sponsored ethno-nationalism of the Zionists in Israel and the Palestinian occupied territories. She said nothing when English football fans – described as “UK football fans” by the British media – were filmed at the World Cup making Sieg Heil salutes. One doesn’t get Royal honours for challenging the bona facia of Great Britain and the State of Israel.

Rather than calling out the obnoxious race baiting of Hopkins – a fellow “shit poster” with 863 thousand followers of Twitter, Ms Rowling went for the inanity of some chump called “Caitligeach,” a Sìol nan Gàidheal supporter with a following of 113 – a nudnik with fewer social media followers than most bots and government trolls. Sure, Sìol nan Gàidheal is a “blood and soil” nationalist outfit at the extreme limit of the lunatic fringe, but we’re talking about an organisation with maybe 20 card-carrying members – hardly representative of the independence movement.

In a week in which refugees were wrongly being blamed for the murder of a child, in which a Catholic man was hospitalised after being assaulted by British nationalists in Portadown, and in which the media was trying to cover up the connections between Tories and the alt-right in the US, Rowling was playing the Trump game: There’s blame on both sides.” Topping this off, she then went for an elderly couple who had gone to the trouble to tweet her back – always a mistake with trolls, saying they were not like the minority she had described and her words had insulted them. How else to speak to pensioners than to deploy the alt-right’s “freedom of speech” motto: Offense is taken, not given.

Everything of her supercilious outburst was right from the alt-right and far-right playbook. As Donald Trump did immediately after the murder of Heather Heyer by a white supremacist during the Charlottesville riots last year, Rowling’s immediate response to the events of this week was to blame those on the other side by inventing another false equivalence. Scottish nationalism – or, more precisely, the Scottish independence movement – is not ethno-nationalist, it is not far-right, and it has nothing whatsoever in common with her beloved British nationalism. It is a movement for independence made up of people from the entire political spectrum.

Her frothy anti-Scottish independence posts are always incredibly well-timed, always coinciding with news events that put the right-wing British establishment under pressure; exactly what Trump does. This is a tactic, and it works. When the BBC and the Conservatives were on the ropes over the Brexit dark money scandal a massive distraction was exploded over our heads, and that’s all it is – another distraction, and it’s time we stopped taking them so seriously.

Rowling is an expert in fascism, social inequality, and racism. She wrote an entire series of children’s books propagating the virtues of British classist elitism, racial supremacism, and fascistic totalitarianism. Have we forgotten that? The world of Harry Potter, as explained by Professor Sunny Singh of the London Metropolitan University, is an idealised fictionalisation of Rowling’s interior universe; a world of private schools, white privilege, plutocracy, and coercion – Britain. When Joanne decides to have a go at Scottish nationalism by smearing it with all the filth of her own nationalism, she is simply projecting the worst of her ideology on to us. We don’t have to take it, and we certainly don’t need to rise to her. She is only doing it to disrupt us.

It wouldn’t at all be surprising to discover, certainly given the timing of her trolling posts, that she is told when to post them. Tinfoil hats be damned, we know the British security services enlist the cultural assistance of celebrities and other influencers. If MI5 wasn’t using J.K. Rowling in its battle for hearts and minds in Scotland, the British state should cut its funding.

We don’t need to explain ourselves to the likes of Joanne Rowling. When our politicians in Holyrood are retweeting the hashtag “Refugees Welcome,” we know what we’re about. If Rowling wants to equate that to the behaviour of her skin-headed, flag of St. George draped compatriots, then let her. Forget trying to win her over – she’s not an honest broker. She’s compromised: In the service of or otherwise useful to the powers of state behind British nationalism, ideologically opposed to Scottish independence – and not because we’re xenophobes and racists, but because we have the oil and gas resources needed by London to fund its insane nuclear and global-strategic vanity projects.

Joanne Rowling is the are-you-sitting-comfortably edge of the British blade that is being held to our throat, and as such she is a witting or unwitting weapon of the British state. Whether she likes it or not, she is a British nationalist, and by attacking Scottish nationalism – the independence movement – she is covering for and giving a free pass to real racists and xenophobes. J.K. Rowling is a charlatan and a fraud who uses the language of peace and social justice to attack and weaken a movement in Scotland that has been since its beginning a movement of inclusiveness and true social and political justice. Her love of democracy and respect is as fictitious as her boy wizard.


Trump: Both Sides to Blame for Charlottesville

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5 thoughts on “JK Rowling’s ‘Blame on Both Sides’ Argument

  1. She’s a fraud.
    She came to the U.S. in 1997 after Jessie Register and I had contacted her as a ghost writer. We’d had characters names and such at the point.

    She visited me at Wayne Lee’s grocery where she quoted me around $1,000 to begin work; she left with the billions of dollars of ideas in our dispute, later obtained ecstacy and took it to Jessie.

    She was never hired. She swindled us for what she could; mainly me.

    Either way between the Matrix and Harry Potter, I’m not sure what’s worse.


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