By Jason Michael

Whenever the world reacts to the murder of another Palestinian child by the “Jewish State,” Israel scurries behind the spectre of the Holocaust and claims special victim status. But the Holocaust was never a crime against Israel.

Every time another dead Palestinian child; murdered by Israeli soldiers in the Palestinian occupied territories, appears on my news feed I get closer to going full tilt Holocaust denier. In fact, if I am being honest with myself, that time has come. I deny the Holocaust. What I mean by this is not that I refuse to accept the murder of millions of Jews across Europe by the Nazis during the Second World War, we know this happened. What I deny is the right of the State of Israel to hide behind the special victim status that has been manufactured out of the Holocaust; a moral fallout shelter that has effectively permitted Israel to murder Palestinians and destroy Palestine.

Over the past week the Israeli army has shot and killed 17 Palestinian youths from behind razor wire fences and from the safety of raised earthworks overlooking the besieged and blockaded Palestinian enclave around Gaza. These teenaged boys were unarmed and – despite their peaceful protest being described in the British media as a “clash” – had no possibility of reaching the positions occupied by their Israeli murderers. Gaza is the largest open air prison in the world, and when Israeli’s shoot Palestinians it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Israel has an obvious long-term objective; the conquest and ethnic and cultural domination of Palestine. During the 1948 Nakba – the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland by Jewish settlers – the “Jewish State” was built atop the destruction of a nation. In round after round of peace talks with the dispossessed Palestinians Israel has played for time; talking about a “two-state solution” while demanding one concession after another from Palestine and giving nothing in return. The result is a cantonised and inviable Palestinian territory wholly in the grip of a murderous and genocidal Israeli military occupation.

Israel’s goal is the total destruction or at least the absolute subjugation of Palestine to make way for the completion of the Zionist project, the creation of a hegemonic colonial-settler Jewish ethno-state. Criticism of this genocidal programme and the provisional Apartheid state it has constructed has been muted by the shadow of the Holocaust. Apparently the nations of the world are somehow guilty of a crime so monstrous against Israel that they are simply now no longer able to point out the moral enormities of Israel.

This Holocaust, however, is a fiction. It never happened. It was an invention of the racist State of Israel intended to function as a smokescreen to cover the crimes it had planned to commit. Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, knew that such crimes were necessary to pave the way for a Jewish ethno-state: “If I wish to substitute a new building for an old one,” he wrote in Altneuland (1902), “I must demolish before I construct.” His new Israel would have to be built on ethnic cleansing and genocide. That was the plan. For many in Israel today this is still the plan.

Over six million European Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. These were Jews from countries like France, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Poland. Hitler’s victims were from every corner of Nazi occupied Europe. Not one single person who died in the camps or who was murdered in the forests was from Israel – not one. Israel was not even built from the survivors of the Holocaust. Most survivors went to the United States. In fact the Zionists who would later proclaim and fight – as terrorists – for the State of Israel had already landed in Palestine before the Final Solution.

Zionists were making way for a new living space in the 1930s in Palestine much in the same way the Nazis would do later in Europe. Even before the construction of the crematoria at Auschwitz the Zionist project of land conquest and population replacement was underway.

After the Holocaust the State of Israel treated Holocaust survivors as a national embarrassment. There was a sense of shame in Israel that these Jews never fought back, but of course Israel never wanted “these Jews.” It was never intended as a state for the eastern Jews of Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine. This was a new state of the westernised European Jew. We still see this central theme of racial supremacy being played out in Israel in how the state treats non-white Jews; the Samaritans, Ethiopian, North African, Iraqi, Iranian, and Indian Jews. In Israel today these other Jews are treated as third class citizens and are the victims of some of the most horrendous state-sanctioned racial prejudice in the world.

The Nazi Holocaust had real victims – European Jews, together with many other racial, ethnic, and religious victim groups. Right now when we watch children being shot in the head by well-armed Israeli soldiers we realise these too are victims of the Holocaust. These soldiers and the state that sends them are using the Holocaust as a cover for their own crimes. It is treated as the greatest crime in history, a crime for which the world owes them a favour. The favour demanded is that we turn a blind eye to the continuation of the same crime.

No. The Holocaust should and must be returned to its victims. We must refuse to accept the false Israeli narrative that this was a crime against Israel – it wasn’t. This was a crime committed by Europeans against Europeans. We must take ownership of that and stop another brutal regime hiding its own crimes behind it.


Israeli Army Kills 17 Palestinians in Gaza Protests

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8 thoughts on “Israel can’t use the Holocaust as an Excuse

  1. This is a timely and courageous post to make. It’s well argued and I believe absolutely correct. It is disgusting that such a vicious rogue state has been able to use the biggest and most appalling single atrocity in European history as some kind of cynical ‘get out of jail free’ card for its own crimes.
    What the State of Israel is pursuing is in no way different Hitler’s pursuit of Lebensraum in Eastern Europe.
    Still, we live in a world where the bang war drums on non aligned nations for fabrications whilst the real violent aggressors from Iraq to Catalonia are completely unaccountable.
    Sometimes I wish I believed in a God because then I could believe there would be a reckoning for these Rich, evil old white men who have brought such misery to the world over the last 200 years

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  2. So eloquently written! Absolutely nailed it. I have never looked at this horrendous blight in human history in this way before, and you are so spot on about WWII being a “fight between Europeans against Europeans.” 👏👏👏👏👏


  3. Like one of the posters above, I had never considered this perspective. Such a revelation amidst the propaganda and blindly egregious support particularly from the evangelical churches in the US who see Israel’s recent development as prophetic, and consider any criticism of said US satellite as somehow blasphemous.

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