By Jason Michael

Alex Salmond has got snow on his shoes. The former First Minister of Scotland has been given a show on Russia Today – an opportunity he would never have been given in the UK – and the unionists are livid.

In a move that has the British establishment positively frothing at the mouth with rage, the former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has taken up an offer to host a chat show on the Russia Today television network. Not since the 1991 Moscow coup, when Boris Yeltsin scrambled onto that Red Army tank, has the British media been so openly Russophobic, with The Scotsman newspaper describing the network as “a Kremlin mouthpiece” and “a ‘propoganda [sic]’ vehicle for Vladimir Putin’s regime.” So hasty was Scott MacNab to blacken RT with the McCarthyist slurs of the Cold War that he misspelled the word he wanted to emphasise the most – propaganda.

Of course no one can spot state-backed propaganda faster than the state-backed propagandists at The Scotsman, the BBC, The Herald, and The Times. Whether it’s British or Russian, French, Spanish or American, it’s all propaganda. Anyone in the media claiming to be unbiased is either a simpleton or in the business of writing children’s books (although Joanne Rowling makes us question even this). There can be no doubt Russia Today is a partisan – biased – news source.

Like Fluffy Mundell stating the obvious about the SNP only wanting to scupper Brexit, everyone and their dog knows what RT is about. In a world where news is propaganda it becomes a matter of choosing our poison, and it isn’t like the British media was going to give Alex Salmond a voice anytime soon. Salmond, undoubtedly one of the sharpest politicians on the block, is well aware of the nature of the channel. He’s many things, but he’s no fool.

What gets on my wick the most about all of the nonsense stirred up by this is that in deciding to take up the show and become a “Kremlin mouthpiece” Mr Salmond is being spoken of as a traitor, and as though this is a new charge against him – and us. Britain’s unionist talking heads have treated the Scottish independence movement as treachery from the beginning, exposing their sheer inability to recognise the fact that we do not consider ourselves British in the first place. How can it be treason, to coin and oft quoted hero, when Britain is foreign to us?

Here we are in the “free world” being called traitors for speaking our minds.

There is also the question of the massive hypocrisy involved. Watching Mark Hirst of Sputnik calling out Scottish Greens Patrick Harvie and wee Ross Greer has been a wonder to behold. It has never been a problem before for “British” politicians to appear on Russian media, yet we’re now at a point where these people are prepared to lie about their past interviews and appearances so as to distance themselves from Salmond and the charge of treason. This has become an embarrassment, and not for Mr Salmond and the Scottish independence movement. Still, The Scotsman is right in its sneering remark that Nicola Sturgeon has also distanced herself from the decision of her predecessor. The SNP is, as it always cleverly does, playing both sides of the line. Votes still have to be won from those currently zombified by the wall-to-wall British propaganda in Scotland.

Those of us in the alternative media ideas department of the independence movement are quite happy to be disloyal to London. We were never loyal to it in the first place. In fact, as I tweeted, if Russia was to invade Britain tomorrow – hypothetically of course – I would be a happy collaborator. I owe Britain nothing, and all I want from it is its dismantling.

Does thinking like this make any of us loyal to Vladimir Putin and Russia? Not in the least! Putin is a swine. His domestic agenda is fascistic and socially backwards. None of this is in dispute. His foreign policy agenda is neither for nor against the strength of the European Union, he couldn’t give a rat’s arse whether Britain leaves or stays in the EU, and he cares nothing for who is in the White House on the other side of the water. Russia’s geopolitical game is the destabilisation of Europe and the United States, and it is playing a blinder. The current omnishambles of government in the UK, the US, and the EU is very much the doing of Mother Russia. Britain’s complaints of Russian interference are but the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black.

What’s so fascinating about all of this is that we in Scotland are free to use whatever media is available to us without having to swear allegiance to any network or its political masters. In turning to Russia we are merely assisting in a Russian project that is very much in our own interests, the further weakening of Great Britain. The commissars’ offices in the UK’s newspapers and media outlets know this as well as we do, and this is why they are raging.

Alex Salmond has successfully demonstrated once again the limits of Britain’s lie. His move has forced the empire’s hirelings in the media to pull out and dust off the outdated rhetoric of the Cold War in an attempt to reconstruct the wall – with the free world over here and the despotic tyrants over there. But here we are in the “free world” being called traitors for speaking our minds. It tickles me pink that the irony of this situation is apparently lost on the British commissars. The truth is – as it always has been – that Britain is as tyrannical as the Stalinist union of soviet republics ever was. It has just gone about it in a distinctly British way.

Отлично сработано Господин Салмонд!


The Alex Salmond Show launches on RT

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2 thoughts on “Wee Eck: From Russia with Love

  1. Yes, great piece, JM.
    Now that Alex has ‘opened the floodgates’, perhaps we’ll have regular, beamed-straight-into-your-home appearances of pro-independence ministers, all, of course, with truthful, open and transparent – and very positive – things to say about our country? God knows, we have much to be positive about in Scotland, which is precisely what they don’t want for us; “The Scottish Government achieved what?!!” “Oh, can’t tell Scots this!”..

    We’ve been fed plenty Russia-Bad and Good-old Blighty for generations, sure, Russia’s probably done a whole load of bad, but Britain is hardly in a position to take any moral high ground when it comes to state thuggery – are you serious? I see no ‘Crimes of Russia’ Twitter account on my timeline, but I have daily examples of the atrocious and brutal behaviour of British regimes – historical and ongoing – to remind me that, whatever ‘we’ve’ been saying about Russia and its people, Russia’s probably got many, many more examples to tell their citizens about ‘us’. For every historical uncle Joe Stalin there’s a modern, sadistic and cold Rape Clause or a scandalous foodbank. Don’t talk to me about crimes against own citizens. And, don’t tell us who we can or cannot read or listen to or watch.

    Let them rant and rage and fuck and blind about Mr Salmond doing their job for them – it’ll poke folk in the ribs and cause them to tune-in. Nice work, Alex

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