By Jason Michael

Forward units of Corbyn’s British Labourite Red Army – Momentum – have fired the opening shots in Labour’s anti-SNP offensive. Of course, idiots that they are, they have targeted the railways. Not the wisest of opening moves.

Comrade Corbyn is marching north to Scotland with his wee pokey army to “win back” seats from the SNP because he wants to be Prime Minister of a united Britain. He appears to have gotten it into his head, no doubt emboldened by Cat Boyd and her like, that Scotland is right on the verge of turning back to Labour and embracing Corbynism; this wonderful new brand of socialism. He, travelling in the footsteps of many an English nationalist politician, is incapable of understanding how strongly we feel about our decision to remain in Europe and how much we loath being Westminster’s nuclear weapons dump. He’s coming anyway.

As is the fashion in every half decent invasion plan, his vanguard Momentum has started bombing the railways in an effort to soften us up, but it has done nothing but make a pig’s breakfast of this. Momentum, being an entirely English outfit under the effective command of Owen Jones, has never encountered a well-run rail service. So coming after ScotRail, which consistently outperforms what passes for a train service south of the border, is an odd move to say the least.

They couldn’t come after its performance record because that would be just too hilarious. What they decided to do instead – as British Labour always does – is go after them foreigners; the ones who are coming here and operating our trains. Momentum, in a short anti-SNP and overtly xenophobic video, has taken issue with the fact that our rail network has been privatised and is currently under the control of Abellio – a Dutch company. Oh those pesky foreigners.

It doesn’t help Labour’s cause, considering Scotland is very much on the EU side of the Brexit debate, that this video mocks the Netherlands with a series of nasty stereotypes and is voiced-over with an embarrassing faux Dutch accent. We can see it now; lines of Europeans living in Scotland banging on the doors of Scottish Labour begging to be let in. While they should be congratulated for at last learning that that sort of gutter anti-foreigner politics works where they come from, someone really ought to tell them it doesn’t wash up here in Scotland.

What’s more is that, while they have taken the hump with the SNP for letting these wicked Europeans in to profit from Scottish commuters, they appear not to have done their homework. Abellio doesn’t only operate in Scotland. It operates trains in London, Surrey, Greater Anglia, Liverpool, and the West Midlands. Now we can’t really stop them heading to those parts of England with their Britain First placards and Enoch Powell attitudes and harassing the Dutch there, but God only knows how they will manage to blame the SNP for it.

According to this video it is the Scottish government’s fault that ScotRail is run by who they clearly see as unwelcome outlanders. It wasn’t the Scottish government that privatised the rail network. Back in 1994 when that ugly process began there was no Scottish government. Scotland had nothing to do with it. Privatisation was all down to a Tory Westminster government. Labour had a whole decade in government shortly thereafter – between 1997 and 2007 – and it did absolutely nothing about re-nationalising the rails. Now this shower of weekend revolutionaries has the audacity to come to Scotland screaming “SNP bad.”

Scotland has now spoken twice on what it thinks of Labour.

If all this wasn’t enough, there’s more. When the tender was last put out – the time when Abellio secured the contract – the Scottish government was quite actually powerless to put in a public bid. The reason for that was because London hadn’t given us that power, now that the ability has been devolved – no thanks to Scottish Labour of course – there are plans in place by the Scottish government – that’s the SNP government – to make a public bid the next time the contract is up for renewal. So yeah, going for the Dutch and ScotRail was a worse than stupid idea – and this is coming from the masterminds at Momentum; the Corbynistas who hope to win a few more seats in Scotland. Well thanks but no thanks. I would rather pull out my own teeth.

But supposing this gormless clown – the man behind the Jeremy Corbyn Show – manages to get a few folk listening to his fairy tales, what then? No one in Scotland will ever get a chance to vote for him. Neither he nor Corbynite Labourism is on the ballot paper here. What we get instead is Scottish Labour and Kezia – freaking – Dugdale, with all the stink that has been left behind by such unionist worthies as Johann – “we’re not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions” – Lamont and Jim – “fundilymundily” – Murphy. Any vote for Labour in Scotland is a vote for a return to moronic third-rate and bigoted politics. Again, no – bloody – thanks.


NHS Labour – Who started the NHS privatisation?

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6 thoughts on “Momentum: More like BritNat Inertia

  1. Brilliant, JM.

    Goes without saying, all that genuine respect I had for Owen Jones has been well and truly blootered out the park by the guy himself. What’s happened to him? Wasn’t so long ago he appeared to be on the side of anti-Westminster Scots, even bloodying the red-Tory nose of Duncan Hothersall in a very public, social media spat.
    Look at him now. Jeez, he’s partaken of the poisoned-well of countless fawning unionists before him. Does he honestly believe Scotland’s a better country whilst tethered to London? WELL, DO YOU, OWEN?

    All Owen had to do was mind his own house in England, concentrate on driving out the Tories and let Scotland continue setting its glowing example. But no, during the most inept, weak – and bloody cruel – Tory govt in recent history, Owen does what all good Englishmen do where Scots are concerned; ‘Keep them yoked’. Does Owen think Scottish votes make a ha’penny of difference when it comes to England-elected Tory governments? If he actually thinks this, then he’s a complete dunce. I don’t believe Owen Jones is a dunce, but I do believe he fully understands that it’s Tory seats in Scotland he should be targeting and not those of the SNP. I abhor his new agenda and I abhor his ugly anti-Scotland unionist stance at a time when Tories are destroying all the good in his own country.

    Owen, how dare you target a progressive, peaceful, prospering and inclusive smaller* country for your dubious imperialist ambitions. Owen, you’re a disgrace and a craven coward, son – don’t come to Scotland

    *Smaller, but not ‘small’. Scotland’s got an abundance of wealth, talent and world-class potential. We don’t have to display or pretend to be ‘big’ to be part of the world community; ‘big’ is about self-respect and personal esteem and Scotland and its people are becoming confident, global and prominent under a Scottish government. We’ll thrive on our own.

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  2. Not forgetting the brilliant Gordon Brown, who brought us PFI (paying £750million for £150Million worth of schools in North Lanarkshire for example) and selling off UK’s gold reserves at a 10 year low price. And McLeish and McConnell, who returned £1.5billion to the UK Treasury because they couldn’t think of how to spend it.


  3. Hope my Dutch sister-in-law kicks their pig ignorant arses into touch when this bearded, tweed jacket variant on AngloBritNat imperialism sallies forth furth of firth into the Jockistan Badlands from Islingtonia.

    Owen Jones – a craven wee chav with increasing Uriah Heep, hand-wringing, spivish, second car salesman overtones and tendencies in tune with the Billy Bragster now an overtly BritNat, Jezza Cnunt imperialist Bollox Wallah fan boy.

    Twa sleekit hoodie craws typical of their Angloista, petit bourgeois, metrospoilitan species.

    Used to dine with these types aeons ago in their home habitat.

    Unctuous shits.

    Would rather puke than repeat that.

    Preferred then to go on the piss with the hired in butler and help. Still do if even more so given their track record of craven, back-stabbing, smirking falsity frightfully transparent despite the Fred Astaire, soft shoe shuffle larded with the ghastly snobishness of a Noel Coward made even more petty by their incestuous lack of imagination tarted up.

    The sooner we abrogate this Union Treaty, the better, and rejoin the human race in our own imperfect right.

    Christ on a bike, can’t wait.

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  4. I don’t think Corbyn’s visit to Scotland is to win any seats, he will have seen and analysed the numbers. This visit is for Tory voters in England, he needs to show them that he can bring those Scots to heel. He is trying to convince them that he also sees the SNP as the Enemy, hence the reason why he won’t target any Tory seats in Scotland.


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