By Jason Michael

Content societies require little in the way of persuasion. Frustrated and angry societies eventually require brute force to keep everyone in line. We’re not there yet, but the harassment and intimidation is already well underway.

One has to at least admire the tenacity of the right-wing personality disorder of the people who cling to this notion that in order to be of value to society one has to benefit the economy. We can understand why the psychopathic Gordon Gekko types prefer this morally bankrupt ethic, the more economically productive, less welfare dependant, the general public is the more there people can bleed from society. Capitalistic greed – or “capitalism” – has a certain grim and predictable logic to it, and this, in a nutshell, is it. But listening to the same drivel from your average Alf Garnett, him or herself also a victim of the same avarice, simply beggars belief.

Britain has become, over the past half century, a particularly aggressive example of the corporatist state; a synergy – tending to a fusion – of disaster capitalism and a professionalised administration run by career politicians. It is a state polity, now incapable of meaningful democratic governance, operated by and for big money. The priority of this state is no longer the welfare and security of the nation(s). The singular priority of the United Kingdom plc and its new global brand Team GBTM is profit, and not the sort of profit that profits everyone. Britain is a system specifically designed to impoverish people, and it does this with remarkable success.

So long as we are all dependant on the market in one form or another we are all vulnerable to the coercion of the state. We can be controlled by the decision makers in government because only through them do the majority of us have access to the means of life – money. Any other society, not already so utterly subjected to the market, would have revolted long before now. We cannot so easily do this, but there are plenty of signs of popular resistance and the possibility of a serious backlash is ever-present. Government needs more leverage to control us than just money. Britain’s answer to this problem has been the development of rule through fear – a terrorocracy.

Not everyone can benefit the economy in the way intended by the Gekkos in Westminster. People get periodically sick, some are permanently sick. There are disabled people. To what depth must we sink as a society to imagine these people have less or no value and human worth? Yet this is precisely what the British economic system is demanding. They are also the people least able to defend themselves against attack. So the government is attacking them furiously; on the one hand to save money and on the other hand to show the rest of us what will happen if we step out of line.

Governance in Britain has been reduced to a regime of fear, threats, and intimidation. Nothing other than the scale of the operation differentiates this from a mafia-like protection racket. Bad government of this ilk is what’s wrong with the world. The protest vote and the rise of the right are born out of people’s frustration at this carry on. We can’t tolerate this assault on our democracy and on the weakest members of our society any longer. It is inimical to what we require as a community, and sooner or later – if left unchecked – will result in the complete breakdown of society.


Disabled People Killed By Barbaric Tory Austerity

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