By Jason Michael

More broken promises from the London government in the “great repeal bill,” and still we chose to give these people the benefit of the doubt. At some point we will have to realise that we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Back in May last year the Vote Leave campaign promised that Scotland would benefit from many of the powers that would be repatriated to the UK after Brexit, claiming that the Edinburgh parliament would have significantly increased control over fisheries, farming, and health policy – “without interference from London.” Now that Brexit has become a nightmare reality and the Article 50 negotiations are underway in Brussels we learn that Scotland is to be given diddly-squat, and that this was really the plan all along. We knew this all along and Menzies Campbell, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, described the promises as “constitutional nonsense.”

Brexit means that all the United Kingdom’s treaty obligations will be returned to the UK and none to Scotland because Scotland is not a party to those treaties. It would then be entirely up to the Westminster government to divvy some of these powers out to the devolved parliaments, but – as we have learned from the draft EU withdrawal bill – May has chosen not to share any of these goodies. What the bill makes explicit is that: “An Act of the Scottish Parliament cannot modify, or confer power by subordinate legislation to modify, retained EU law.” Nothing – not one iota – is coming back to Scotland. What we have instead is the Westminster government further limiting the power of the Edinburgh parliament, as much of this “retained EU law” pertains to the functioning of the Scottish parliament. It’s a power grab, pure and simple.

Scotland’s economy absolutely needs immigration for growth, but along with the effective cancellation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the UK after Brexit London will be keeping a strangle hold on returning employment and immigration law. This means that the welfare of our economy – over which the devolved parliament is meant to have control – will be wholly at the mercy of an austerity obsessed Conservative Westminster government. Guess who’ll have to suffer the consequences of that? As the use of Henry VIII fiat rolls out we can be damn sure that this will be another rough wooing designed to bring Scotland to heel.

What has to vex us more is that the London government has not kept its word to Scotland in a single “Vow” or promise since the 18 September 2014 referendum. It is frustrating that so many in our country still listen to the lies and decide – in full knowledge of their track record – to give these British parliamentarians the benefit of the doubt regardless. We are going to be lied to and manipulated relentlessly until we finally give ourselves a shake and decide to leave this rotten pile of crumbling imperial excrement behind us. Scotland deserves so much better than it is currently getting from Britain, and we have long since passed the point where we have only ourselves to blame.


Great Repeal Bill to change EU laws

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One thought on “Westminster’s Bad Faith and Broken Promises

  1. The problem is we need this in the local papers for the majority that don’t look for the truth. We know it is what will happen as London rules and the rest of the country struggles to keep them in the style they have become accustomed.


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