By Jason Michael

There’s an old story of some far off colonies that fought for their freedom from Britain. It’s a nice story, but those colonies went on to enslave the world and murder tens of millions of people. I won’t wish it a happy independence day.

It’s the Fourth of July; Independence Day for our friends over the sea in the United States of America. In years past I rather enjoyed wishing my friends in the US a happy Independence Day, but like many in Scotland the question of and struggle for our own independence put paid to that. Not that I wish ill for my friends in the States or for anyone over there – quite the contrary, but I will be ignoring their celebration and the global cultural supremacy their state assumes. When President Barack Obama spoke out against our independence in 2014 it was the end of US sponsored “freedom and democracy” for me. It was all a sham; pointless and meaningless rhetoric.

Jeggit’s Facebook 4th July message

Pointless and meaningless rhetoric is something the United States does very well. On this side of the world, utterly culturally dominated by the US as we were, during the Cold War, we were brought up on the neoconservative lie – the American Dream and the bullshit of America as the home of the brave and land of the free. It was Superman mythological garbage and few myths have inflicted such suffering over the face of the planet as it has. Americans in movies lived in 85 bedroom houses, ate and drank nothing but sugar and never got fat, and defended the world by bombing it with napalm and nukes. Somehow this was freedom.

Following the Suez Crisis this was the vision of the future Britain decided to adopt. Never again would the Westminster regime deviate from the Washington consensus, and as a result this Superman crap became our version of reality too. Global dominance through resource monopolisation became the order of business in London, and Scotland was treated to a front row seat to this new ideological thinking the moment oil was discovered off our coast.

Britain has become the US’ closest friend in a “special relationship” that is little more than code for “lap-dog.” London has trotted after the US in one foreign neo-imperialist adventure after another, filling graves the length and breadth of Scotland with dead soldiers. Haven’t we given Uncle Sam enough? Yes, I think that we have, and the longer we remain under the yoke of Westminster the longer we will be at the beck and call of the American Empire. See, that’s what the US is. It is the empire that rose up to take the place of little Britain after the collapse of its empire. America isn’t about freedom and democracy. America is about power, and that power is played out here in the UK in London’s control of Scotland. Of course Obama and every other US administration will support Britain’s domination of Scotland. So on its independence day I can only tell it to f**k off.


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