By Jason Michael

Listening to her speak in the Commons or on the television, we get the impression Theresa May is playing with a full deck, but when – on those rare occasions – she is forced to talk off the cuff, we find nothing but a fool.

It was only a few weeks ago I was in a psychiatric ward. A friend and I were visiting a young man who had ended up living on the streets and who was clearly in need of some sort of mental health treatment. In hospital he was much calmer and clearly recovering well, but – as is sadly to be expected – some of his behaviourisms were quirky. Over coffee, after the visit, my friend says to me, “Why can’t he understand he doesn’t need to mop the floor to pay for his hospital stay?”

You always want to be kind in these delicate situations, but how else could I put it to her? That was a psych ward and this young man had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He wasn’t well. Not being in the least qualified, my explanation was closer to my own attempt to grasp what was going on. “It seems to me that his mind is tired,” I said, “and like us being woken from a dream, we are confused and don’t make a lot of sense. It will take him some time.” She laughed at the naivety of her question, we finished our coffees, and life moved on.

Listening to Theresa May’s interview with a local reporter in Plymouth I couldn’t help but be reminded of our experience in the psychiatric ward. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wasn’t making an ounce of sense. She was being asked cogent, simple questions, but her answers were nebulous and strange. They were worrying. As she mimicked the practised gesticulations of power, she was stringing together words and phrases which, in and of themselves, were perfectly understandable, but when stitched together made not a jot of sense. It was more like the ramblings of madness.

What we have, rather than a Prime Minister who needs to be taken into the care of a secure institution, is a women who is quite clearly out of her depth. She’s not a politician. She is a careerist, perhaps more suited to the basement of some government department, who has found herself – by default – as the head of the British government. She hasn’t the vaguest notion what she is up to, what is going on around her, or what it is she is meant to be saying. This is precisely why she won’t appear on a live televised debate. The vicar’s daughter has learned her Bible well: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

The real madness in all of this is that this is real life. We have a woman who is leading us into a Brexit she does not understand, who has drank the Kool-Aid of jingoism so deep she thinks the slogans – if said often and loud enough – compensate for reasoned arguments, and who is so outrageously ambitious and arrogant she can’t see the mess she’s in. Everything is a little more “strong and stable” in the Commons or during a pre-scripted interview when she has the luxury of speechwriters and an autocue, but here when she is caught on the hoof we see nothing but a bluffer. This is dangerous because she’s taking us with her. She doesn’t have the defence of madness. She’s just an idiot.


Theresa May out of her depth as Home Secretary

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One thought on “The Madness of the Prime Minister

  1. I totally agree with this assessment of May, she simply has no political skills and no presentation skills. She babies in Soundbites and slogans and doesn’t even give the hint of an answer to any question. This would certainly lead us to the conclusion that she hasn’t a clue what is going on around her, her cabinet are blindly muddling along without any real direction and are anything but “Strong and Stable”!
    There certainly seems little chance of any sensible development in a plan to negotiate a good deal at any Brexit talks with the EU. I am even doubting if she even realizes how idiotic the whole plan is and the amount of damage its going to do!
    Moving on to other aspects of the political landscape, the prospect of another indyref in Scotland is something which only a fool would deny. Doing so does nothing other than strengthen the case of the nationalist cause! It would seem that the eventual and probably inevitable independence for Scotland represents the final nail in the coffin of the British Empire. The process of destruction of this entity had already begun before the start of the second world war and the end of that conflict saw the process accelerate.
    The development of an independent Scotland will simply be the last step!
    This right wing surge we see at present in England, it is after all only in England and no where else in the British Isles, is just a resistance to the inevitable end of the UK and its so called greatness! As a political entity it is pretty much dead. There is no respect left in Europe toward Westminster or the moronic government that dwells there. Instead their attention is more focused on Nicola Sturgeon and her party’s much better record in government. This at least makes sense and melds with the European enthusiasm for social responsibility and open inclusiveness.

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