By Jason Michael

We would be foolish to put our hopes for another Scottish referendum in Jeremy Corbyn. It is unlikely he will win a majority, and if the condition of him taking Number 10 is a deal with the SNP he will gladly be the loyal opposition.

When it comes to voting intentions in this general election the trend couldn’t be clearer; Theresa May will be lucky to be Prime Minister at the end of next week. Jeremy Corbyn has stepped into his own; he is a natural campaigner and has shown true genius in plagiarising the SNP’s social and economic policies. His Labour Party looks a wee bit more socialist than any Labour Party has looked in decades. Poll on poll the Conservatives have slipped as Labour has continued to narrow the gap. With a week to go it is unlikely Labour will take the lead, but already it has reached a point in the race where it can negotiate a coalition or an alliance that will see May booted out of Number 10.

Everything now hinges on what Corbyn will do with this possibility. In a second general election the SNP looks to be in the position of king-maker, offering Corbyn a chance of government as long as he is willing to play ball with Scotland. What we want is quite simple – democracy, and surely this is something Corbyn, at least in principle, will be happy to grant. It’s a small price to pay for the power to oust the most aggressive and dangerous Tory government we have ever suffered. The Scottish government has voted on another Section 30 order. We want to return to the polls on independence, but the question is whether Corbyn will accept such a deal or not.

Corbyn won’t take it. Jeremy Corbyn, if he comes within the hair’s width of taking government, will step back and let the Tories continue on rather than make a deal with the SNP that will save lives all over the United Kingdom. Comrade Corbyn is a magnificent campaigner, a truly dedicated socialist, and a man of genuine conviction, but he has the leadership skills of a Wiltshire Horn ewe and puts up a parliamentary opposition marginally worse than that of Vichy France. He understands that another independence referendum will be the end of the UK, but – as a good socialist – he would rather the workers all starve together than be divided in their struggle against the oppressor.

His eyes and ears in Scotland is the Orange Order affiliate Scottish Labour Party and its leader oor Kezia Dugdale, and she’s about as socialist as Donald Trump. Kez has made it clear that her Labour Party will oppose another independence referendum even if that means suspending democracy. Corbyn has enough trouble keeping his Labour Party together in England and Wales without going toe to toe with the ultra-loyalist Scottish Blairites. The best prediction for the general election is that if Corbyn is offered the chance by the SNP to become Prime Minister he will simply bow his head and hand the keys to Theresa.


Corbyn says #SNPbad – cuts (ahem) and oil (cough)

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