By Jason Michael

Britain has developed a case of Tourette’s, nervously spouting the words “strong and stable” in an unending loop. The UK is being crushed by debt more than twice the GDP of the state, and the state is coming apart at the seams.

How many times have we heard Theresa May or some other half-witted Tory on the government benches in Westminster use the combination “strong and stable?”  These are not the adjectives that immediately spring to mind when we look at the record of Conservative government in Britain under Theresa May or her predecessor David Cameron. National debt, for example, has only increased since the Conservatives came to power in 2010, with the official figure now over £1.8 trillion or almost 90% of GDP. But when we take all government liabilities into account – including state and public sector pensions – that figure is closer to £4.8 trillion; almost two and a half times the GDP of the country. The United Kingdom owes more than twice what it is making. Strong and stable that is not!

The “Titanic success” that is Brexit – and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Debt has to be paid back, but don’t worry – the UK will pay back what it owes. No one wants unsavoury characters knocking on the door of Number 10, bullying the poor woman who lives there into performing sexual favours to buy more time to cough up the dough. Britain is good for the cash. The plan is to repay this truly insane amount of money back over an extended period. That does mean more interest, but we’re good for it.

Admittedly, it will be harder to pay it back now that the Tories have introduced breath-taking tax cuts for the wealthy and plan on continuing their programme of corporate tax reduction. Once Brexit is complete the big idea is to transform the UK into a delicious little tax haven off the coast of Europe to get those pesky Eurocrats back for letting us leave. This too will make it much more difficult to pay back the skyrocketing national debt. But not to worry, there are plenty of plebs – you know, ordinary workaday people with little mouths to feed – who are happy to pay it back and pass the debt on to their children and grandchildren. What’s even better is that these dumb schmucks won’t stop voting the Tories into government. So it’s win-win for the Conservative austerity agenda.

Theresa May and her super-wealthy pals in government can keep saying it hoping that frequent repetition will make it true, but this is hardly the picture of strong and stable government. If anything this is brittle and volatile. Most Tory voters – like most other people in the UK – are barely managing to make ends meet, and the debt is growing at a rate of £5,170 per second. With so many other factors now breaking the Union apart, it is obvious that this debt is out of control. After Scottish independence Little England will be crushed under the debt burden – one it will no longer be able to manage. Theresa May might have to do a few favours after all. Strong and stable I think not.


Theresa May Trying Not To Say ‘Strong’ Or ‘Stable’

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