By Jason Michael

Didn’t Kezia just knock our socks off today? At long last we got to see some fire from her over this despicable rape clause and the merciless attack on the social security system. She even admitted Westminster is the reason we are going through all this.

Credit where credit is due, I never thought this morning that I would end my day giving a slow, appreciative applause to the Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale. Yet here I am on the verge of singing her praises. In an impassioned address to the Edinburgh parliament she showed the London Conservative agenda for what it is – a brazen assault on the powerless and the weakest members of society. She exposed the heartless cruelty of the attack on the tax credit system and called out the vile nastiness that is Theresa May’s rape clause.

When she asked if there was “no end to the Tories’ desire to ensure those with the least have even less” I was – in spite of myself – standing right there with her. She was saying everything so many of us have been demanding and protesting for so long. When we thought Labour had finally surrendered to its role as the Westminster government’s stooge in Scotland, Kezia came right out of nowhere and socked it at them – kudos. But while everyone was getting excited by her brilliant response to the Tories’ support of the rape clause, some may have missed her golden admission:

For ten years the Tory government at Westminster has slashed our valued social security system in a deliberate act of sabotage, and the question I would have put to Ruth Davidson – if she had bothered to take any interventions – is a question of judgement: Tell us why rape victims have to pay the price of the deficit while you give tax cuts to the to the richest people in our society?

Kezia Dugdale knows as well as anyone else in Scotland that her party is now an unelectable dead duck, that the days of the British Labour Party are numbered, and that the failure of Labour’s twisted brand of socialism has paved the way for at least another decade of Tory domination. She knows that nothing will now save the victims of austerity from the grubby grasp of Davidson’s London cronies, and still she acknowledged – in the chamber of the Scottish parliament – that it is the government in Westminster that has been behind the dismantling of the social security system. She neglected to point much of this out while she was telling Scotland we were “better together.”

Quite obviously we are not better together, and the longer we stay together the more of this we can expect – because we can be damn-well sure the Labour Party isn’t going to protect any of us from the might of Tory avarice. It’s at times like this that even our Kez must wake up in the morning and see that we have only one road open to us now – independence. Only our separation from the monsters in Westminster will protect us from the continual rape of our country. The Union is the real joke, and one day we hope to hear Ms Dugdale speak as passionately about that.


Kezia Dugdale speaking in the child tax credit (“Rape Clause”) debate

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One thought on “What an Absolute Joke

  1. Very well said. Labour supporting independence would be a seismic shock for the unionists. However, I just don’t see it happening. They have shown they prefer a generation of Tory rule from Westminster to an independent Scotland making its own decisions. By the time the penny drops, if it ever does, they’ll likely be an irrelevance.


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