By Jason Michael

Scotland, as part of the United Kingdom, has been made an accessory to the largest and continuing holocaust in human history. We were forced to do this at gun point, but now we have an opportunity to put to right the world’s greatest historical wrong.

Since its inception in 1707 Great Britain has been a killing machine, responsible for the deaths of over 150 million people worldwide in its three hundred and ten year history. The attitude of many in the United Kingdom that their state and empire was benign compared to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia is one of the greatest lies in world history, and there is simply no kinder or more sensitive way to put this. Britain is and has been from the start a disease – taking death and destruction with it to every corner of the globe, and today it is still the same.

Where other nations were the product of organic socio-historical development, the British state was the result of a political settlement that had two specific objectives; the protection of state bigotry and the prosecution of war. In the years before 1707 the government of the Kingdom of England, eager to defend the Protestant Succession of its monarchy and guarantee fresh soldiers for its endless wars in Europe, proposed a parliamentary union with the Kingdom of Scotland. Over ninety percent of Scots were opposed to this union, but gold and an army on its border helped its parliamentarians to sign the treaty that would see Scotland absorbed by England under the name of Great Britain.

From that time until now the British Empire spread, and everywhere it went it ruled with an iron fist and murdered everyone who got in its way. Other than a handful of white colonial states – the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for example – the map of the former British Empire is now a map of the Third or Developing World. Britain’s policies of slavery and exploitation have successfully ensured that most of its traumatised survivors will not enjoy the blessings of peace and plenty for centuries to come. What sets Britain apart from the Third Reich and the USSR is that its behaviour has not been sanctioned by the march of time, but in terms of bodies and brutality Britain makes both of these look like rank amateurs.

Britain is no longer an empire, but as it continues to deteriorate it has never lost its taste for blood. As the foremost expert in conflict and violence Britain continues to make its living from peddling guns and bullets to the world’s most vicious and despotic regimes. It is currently the second largest arms dealer on the planet, getting rich from the killing of Yemeni, Afghan, Palestinian, and Iraqi children. There is scarce a killing field in Africa where Britain is not selling arms and expertise to the murderers. It is, after all, what Britain does best. When British unionists in Scotland talk about “all we have achieved together” they are asking us to ignore the gore on the butcher’s apron.


Is the UK guilty of war crimes in Yemen?

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One thought on “Britain is a Disease

  1. You might like to consider the blood lust of the British state in Scotland from 1745 to the economic bloodlust of the Thatcher years. The flag is rightly named the ‘Butcher’s Apron’.


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