By Jason Michael

It is always a delight to read Melanie Phillips explain how much of a true nation England, ahem, I mean Britain, is, and how only England, I mean Britain, should lord it over these English, drat, I mean British, Isles. This is real blood and soil nationalism.

As a general rule the ad hominem makes for weak arguments, but there are times when – in order to make a valid point – one has to show the people behind a given position for who they truly are in order to demolish their position. When Melanie Phillips in this morning’s Times raises the standard of British ethnic nationalism over and against Scottish and Irish “romanticism and myth,” two important things need to be said. Firstly Phillips is descended from Jewish immigrants to England from Russia and Poland. Jewish people – like all racial and cultural groups in Britain – are an essential thread in the rich tapestry that makes up our society, but this renders her appeal to authentic antiquity meaningless. Her Britain is a mongrel; a hodgepodge of many ethnicities and cultures – of which we are rightly proud – and a recent “confederation” of nations of real antiquity.

The second point that must be made here, and one that will help us to understand where Phillips is coming from, is that she is an ideological political Zionist of the very nastiest kind – pumping Israel’s aggressive, military expansionism at every opportunity. Phillips is an unapologetic and fanatical pro-Israel blood and soil nationalist, defending the imperialist and neo-colonial British blueprint adopted by her would-be ethnically pure Jewish state. It is no wonder the hegemony of what she openly calls “Englishness” and not Britishness over Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland makes sense to her – it vindicates her dream for Israel. This is the Melanie Phillips who claims that the European Union – which has kept peace in Europe since the Second World War and made another Nazi genocide impossible – is for “weak nations and provinces as a way of boosting their status and income.”

Her sense of Britishness – that idea that makes the world a graveyard and calls it peace – blinds her to the reality of other identities or, better, will not allow her to see others as equals. No way can Scotland or Ireland or Wales be as civilised as her Englishness. We are but savages, lost in romance and myth, dancing at crossroads while her Empire 2.0 helps us – by brute force – to develop into a real nation from England’s glorious kingship. Not even that part of the nation of Ireland that fought for and won its freedom from the British Empire – an empire that sent soldiers and thugs into villages to terrorise and murder children – can be granted true nationhood. “Ireland itself,” she writes, “has a tenuous claim to nationhood, having seceded from Britain as the Irish Free State only in 1922.” Without even a quantum of historical awareness she states that our less-than authentic nationhood is all about hating “the English or the Protestants.” Loathsome.

We have to hand it to her though. Melanie Phillips has given us another candid glimpse behind the veil of unionism – of Britishness, of her Englishness. All too often we are presented with the soft – “Fluffy” – face of duplicitous unionism; with its talk of partnerships, equality, and mutual benefit. Then some village idiot comes along and blurts out what everyone else is pretending not to be thinking: Britain is about power. It is a code for England’s dominance over these islands and the world. It is about racial, cultural, and national supremacy. “Englishness” – to quote Phillips – is a “proxy for all the communities of the British Isles.” And if that isn’t the finest articulation of aggressive and expansionist blood and soil nationalism and colonialism we have ever heard you can knock me down with a feather.


Melanie Phillips gets her Zionist arse kicked on Question Time

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