By Jason Michael

With the exception of one, all of our Scottish MPs voted against giving the British government the power to trigger Article 50, and what we learned was that – when it matters to Scotland – our country does not exist in Westminster.

Back before the referendum on Europe, when Theresa May was out campaigning for a Remain vote on the grounds that leaving the EU would be bad for the British economy, we were assured that the majority of MPs were in favour of staying part of Europe. Now that they have been given the chance to have their say in parliament – what we elected them to do in the first place – it transpires that four fifths of them actually want to leave. What this tells us is that lies have been or are being told; either the Remainers were lying to us before the vote or they are lying to themselves and us now.

Mrs. May, before the referendum, was adamant that parting ways with the European Union would be disastrous for Britain, but now she’s convinced that leaving will be the best thing for the UK since sliced bread. It certainly can’t be both. She is lying – she was either lying to us during the campaign or she is lying to us now. Her mortifying cap-in-hand jaunt to Washington and her frantic “trade missions” to every corner of the earth suggests that her lies are about the apparent benefits of Brexit – she knows Britain is in deep water.

In its wisdom the Supreme Court ruled that it would be illegal for the government to trigger Article 50 without first seeking the consent of the Commons and the Lords, and this was the golden opportunity for our elected MPs – the majority of whom were against Brexit – to stop the government making what is obviously a catastrophic mistake, and what did they do? They voted to back the government. Jeremy Corbyn, the pathetic leader of the Opposition, instructed his party to vote in favour of letting the government go ahead and send us all over the Brexit cliff. What the hell is the point of an opposition when it refuses to oppose the government by just sticking to its original position?

Despite the Supreme Court directing Article 50 back for debate in Westminster, the devolved parliaments were refused any say whatsoever – and this is where the real opposition would have been. This is, no doubt, exactly why it was refused. Every Scottish MP, save one, voted against the government – and in spite of Scotland’s vote accounting for over 50 percent of the no vote, what are 58 MPs against the 498 supporting the government? This is Scotland’s democratic deficit; Brexit has shown that Holyrood has no power and that our MPs in Westminster are just are useless.

When it comes to a move that threatens the economic wellbeing of everyone in the UK, and one that Scotland has completely rejected, Scotland is powerless to protect both its interests and the democratic will of Scottish people. What we learn from Brexit, more than anything else, is that Scotland does not exist inside a union where its own will is obliterated and silenced by a de facto single party Brexit state. Remaining a part of the UK ensures the perpetual non-existence of Scotland. Brexit has made it crystal clear that only independence will guarantee that Scotland and Scottish people have a voice. We must now demand our full separation from the Brexit Kingdom.


Labour MP on Why She Defied Jeremy Corbyn

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One thought on “Brexit Shows that Britain is a One Party State

  1. Actions speak louder than words, what is needed now is a MASS campaign of civil disobedience. If our voice is ignored and we are backed into a corner we must come out fighting. Let’s get the gloves of and close down all the colonial states assets. Military bases, the colonial, sorry, Scottish office etc. We need our own velvet revolution.

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