By Jason Michael

Comrade Corbyn thought he might abscond from the deep water he’s in down south and come to Scotland and cast a few pearls among swine. He’s a man well practised at losing friends and he did a first rate job of that at his Scottish Labour confab.

Britain has been in the grip of an elitist Conservative cabal of privately educated one-percenters for the better part of the last decade. In that time we have witnessed the most rapid transfer of wealth to the superrich in recorded history, the creation of a state benefit sanctions regime that has been condemned outright by the United Nations for violating its victims’ human rights, and the full flourishing of a hard right Tory agenda that will take us from the European Union and throw us off the cliff of economic stability. One would think – one would hope – the leader of the opposition would have his work cut out for him, but no; he can find the time to visit Scotland and school us on our inability to be a free and independent nation and escape our British hell.

Who does this fella think he is, and just what the blazes does he think he’s doing? Goodness only knows who he thinks he is, but as the leader of the London government’s opposition he is a pretty lame example of a politician. Now that a legal bid looks set to force Theresa May to put the triggering of Article 50 to a parliamentary vote, and after campaigning for Remain in the June referendum on Europe, Corbyn is intending to coerce his own backbenchers to support the government. What he lacks in integrity he certainly makes up for in his lack of ability to keep his own party in line.

With numerous senior Labour Party members declaring – as usual – that they will defy him if Article 50 is put to a Commons vote, he downed tools and fled to Scotland thinking that we would put up with his guff. Takin his lead from his former chief underling in Scotland Johann Lamont, who informed us live on national television that we were “not genetically programmed to make political decisions,” he took it upon himself to remind us that we were too poor to be independent. Corbyn doesn’t appear to have learnt a single thing from the complete and total wipe-out of Labour in Scotland; he doesn’t get it that we don’t like to be told we are too wee, too poor, and too stupid to be rid of Westminster – especially when we know it’s a tried and failed pack of lies.

A broken reed of a man and a spectacular failure of a politician.

Jezza, or “Jezbollah” as his friends in Labour like to call him, is a twanged banjo – a broken reed of a man, and a spectacular failure of a politician. If he couldn’t lead Labour to general election victory against this shower of Tories, considering the length of their charge sheet, he can’t be up to much. Instead, hoping to be the big fish in a smaller pond, he came scurrying up to Scotland. Pity for him, had he known anything about Scottish waters since the last independence referendum he would have known that we’ve all become sharks. Kezia Dugdale is now left to pick up the pieces, and the good news for her is that there aren’t that many bits of Scottish Labour left.


Jeremy Corbyn | Glasgow speech | 20 January 2017

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2 thoughts on “Who is this Jeremy Corbyn Guy Anyway?

  1. Drastically uninformed. Barnett formula affects the amount one can give to councils and Abilio will not be paid any money till they reach the performance levels agreed also their performance is improving NOT deteriorating. The SNP at the time the deal was agreed were not in a position to be able to nationalise the railways. Tell Corbyn to have a look at the performance of English railways!


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