By Jason Michael

America’s children have taken to the streets of Washington DC, stamping their feet and stopping traffic now that their new president is about to take office. It’s high time they grew up and learned how to really change the world. They are part of the problem.

We have now suffered seventy-two days of the insufferable whining of the United States’ Clintonites and left lunatic fringe. They are unhappy that the “greatest democracy in the world” has elected Donald J. Trump to the highest political office in the land. Trump is a first rate clown, a bigot, and a racist. He is a misogynist, a friend and comfort to the far-right and supremacists, and a self-serving and dangerous opportunist. There can be no doubt that he is not morally fit to be the leader of the so-called free world, but immorality and ideas are not crimes and for better or worse the US electorate has elected him to be their president and head of state.

Since his election we have been subjected to the infantile protestations that he was not the winner of the popular vote, that his victory was a quirk of the electoral system. We have been told over and over that he can’t be president because he will lead us all into some Armageddon. All of which may or may not be true, but the protest – the temper tantrum – of the liberal ruling class has been riddles with inconsistencies and contradictions. Social media has been filled with praise and poems for the passing of Obama, lionising him as the last great statesman of the old order when he has been nothing of the sort. Guantanamo Bay and other torture centres are still open and in business.

It is true that the 1804 Amendment to the US Constitution, establishing the present working of the Electoral College, is a hangover of a system of power that was built on colonial hegemony and slavery, but why wasn’t this system challenged in 1865 with the abolition of slavery? It doesn’t appear to have been much of a problem to liberal America until someone who wasn’t one of their own was elected. There wasn’t too much of an uproar in 2000 when George W. Bush failed to win the popular vote or in 1888, in 1876, and in 1824 when it happened before. There was never a problem with this because Bush, Harrison, Hayes, and Quincy Adams were all good ol’ boys.

Just how good was Obama?

Donald, or what the Donald represents, does pose a serious threat to the future of US democracy. Political thugs – and this is the calibre of the new order – only understand brute force and they know how to use it. Yet yelling and shouting, especially if you weren’t prepared to do that when Obama dropped 20,000 bombs on civilians in 2016 alone, will achieve nothing. It only highlights your hypocrisy. None of us want Trump. Many may have voted for him, but he isn’t even what those people really need. If we want change, then that change has to begin with us.

We have to quit the idea that people like Hillary Clinton are the solution. Hillary was the very reason we have ended up with Trump in the Oval Office, but we don’t see too many LGBT protestors gathering outside her front door. All of us have to wake up to the reality that the old order is broken and toxic, and only once we have done that can we begin the process of working towards removing Trump and his like around Europe and the world – at the ballot box, where it should be done. Now is the time to stop blaming others for the problem we have created for ourselves.


Anti Trump Protest Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro anti Trump rally in NYC

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