By Jason Michael

It is difficult indeed to find any pity for the fools out on the streets of US cities protesting the good order of their own democracy. The US of A has been warned for years that its own poison would bite it in the arse. Good luck to them.

As predicted, Donald Trump has been elected to the highest political office in the “Greatest Democracy in the World” and the losing side have taken to the streets in true tin-pot republic style to vent their rage. Well boo-hoo. Might we be reminded that this is the United States of America that has most viciously, avariciously, and most violently overturned and abused one democracy after another in its bloody quest for global domination? This is the same imperial power that only two years ago intervened on the side of Westminster to bully and intimidate Scotland’s democracy. It comes as no surprise that the bitter cold wind it blows has turned back on itself.

Donald J. Trump is nothing less than a monster. He is a cruel, self-centred, and mindless tyrant with no good in his heart, save for that which serves his own belly. Trump will bring down hell on America, and the repercussions of his presidency will forever shape and disease that already decomposing carrion of a state. What is more, the United States has brought this menace down upon its own head by the workings of its own democracy. It has made its bed, and now it should lie in it. Mr. Obama, with a wink to Cameron, let the people of Scotland know that we should accept the democratic will of our referendum. Now we return that advice to these petulant imbeciles.

It was obvious from almost the moment this bloated swine decided to run for the Republican nomination that he would win even the White House. The stupidity of the rabble to imagine that their stolen continent was not still the racist and vulgar cesspool it has always been is beyond description, and still they threw down Bernie Sanders in favour of yet another warmongering beast. Well, dearest America, this is your lot – your chosen king and emperor. Live with it.

How amusing it is to see the dregs of the lunatic left out smashing up their streets when not much more than half of them even bothered to vote. Now they will learn just how fragile democracy is. It is every bit as brittle as the democracies they allowed their leaders to smash, pillage, and rape. That part of me that cannot resist peering at traffic accidents wants to sit back and damn them all, but I am weak. I am only human. Our only hope for them is that the next four or eight years will be a learning experience for them. Perhaps if they are really willing to fight for their freedom – as they so often profess – then they might be able to recover the soul of their once great nation.

“Not My President”: Tens of Thousands Take to Streets, Block Freeways & Rally Against Trump

Author: Jason Michael (@Jeggit)

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