By Jason Michael

Trump is down in the polls, but Trump’s people didn’t write up the polls and it is doubtful that any of these polls are measuring the reality of the momentum behind this lunatic. We’re going to call it for Trump now and suggest something for the future.

What the Western mainstream media is not going to concede at this point is that the election of Donald Trump to the White House is now a forgone conclusion. His politics are racially divisive and socially antagonistic for sure, but the prevailing hypocrisy of American middle class culture dictates that people profess polite and respectable opinions in public while saying what they really mean in the privacy of the polling booth. Given the establishment’s current stance on the Black Lives movement and the protest of the First Peoples in Dakota, it is safe to say that this duplicitous nature of the United States gives Trump somewhere between a five and a seven percent lift in the polls.

Hillary Clinton is absolutely the wrong candidate if the objective of the Democratic Party is to stop Trump. She has been unable to call him out on his continual lying because she herself has a proven record of lying and general shadiness. It would be wonderful to see the glass ceiling broken and have a woman in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but the bottom line is that Americans simply do not trust Clinton. Her atrocious campaign of defamation and cheating against Bernie Sanders has irreparably ruptured the unity of the Democratic Party, and in all likelihood Sanders’ supporters will either shift to Trump or a third party candidate, or withhold their votes altogether.

One way or another we have to brace ourselves for the arrival of Trump. In the short term this is a monumental frustration, but it is far from hopeless. Trump is perhaps the final piece on the board of a world now dominated by the rightest political agenda, and things are going to get worse. Yet this bad news means that we have time to repair the situation and ready the international left for the next time. No longer is Brexit a problem for the Brits and Trump a US nightmare. The entire global lurch to the right is everyone’s problem, and so everyone on the left must play their part in the resistance and the fight for social, political, economic, and environmental justice.

It requires that we cut the crap of the lunatic left – all the spurious, incoherent tin pot politicking of the discombobulated rabble. We have to take socialism very seriously now. Either that or we will have to live with the reality of the right taking us very seriously. Our goal over the next year and more – whether we like it or not – is to educate, agitate, and organise. This calls for real unity and coöperation in every city and country in the West – putting aside our petty differences to concentrate on ending the reign of the neoliberal right’s supremacy. This must be done in the home, the community, the town, the city, and the nation. Our collaboration must transcend borders. Now – not tomorrow or the next day – is the time to unite.

Michael Moore Explains Why TRUMP Will Win

Author: Jason Michael (@Jeggit)

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