By Jason Michael

In Brexit Britain it looks like mum and dad have skipped off for the weekend, leaving the kids in charge. The problem with this is that the kids have left the backdoor open for the local thugs to get in. Now the furniture is getting wrecked.

Brexit has torn the curtain off the fiction that the Westminster government is in charge of the United Kingdom. It’s plain for all to see, both here at home and across the European Union and the world, that if the Conservative government is in the business of governing at all then it is about as much use as a chocolate oven glove. London’s political brass has long since lost the reins, and the Prime Minister’s flip-flop on her position on Brexit before and after the referendum is testimony to that. She, along with her Brexiteer cabinet of millionaires, is the tale in this story being wagged like a ragdoll by an unwieldy, demented Bulldog.

The British public – regardless of its pyric Brexit result – isn’t running the show either. The “Great British public” has as much power in this equation as a battered cod in a Blackpool chipper. We’re talking about a population here that has been broken and terrorised by a barbaric neo-Thatcherite social policy regimen, and which currently enjoys the lowest standard of living in the European Union. The British public is in a miserable condition, and the only thing that keeps them from leaping off the white cliffs of Dover like lemmings is that the BBC – to all intents and purposes a North Korean style propaganda newsfeed – has convinced it that England still rules the waves. All that Brexit proves of the British electorate is that it is broken and angry.

Who then is running this show? The simple answer is that the right is. Now this isn’t to say that the BNP or the rightist establishment and its tabloid press are calling the shots – far from it. It’s more the case that the rise of the far right has gained enough momentum and socio-political weight that it has drawn all the other parties – whose only objective is to win votes – to the right, making the right the new default setting of British politics. Nigel Farage is the perfect case study here; he’s not in Number 10, but everyone who wants to be had better sound like him.

Of course this is the natural consequence of what Westminster has deteriorated into – career politicians playing at populist politics. In order to win the political game every good careerist knows you have to keep throwing bread and funding circuses. This is the absolute antithesis of governance – this is pandering, the same nonsense that led to the collapse of the Roman Republic. Behind all of this of course is a mechanism of right-wing media interests; telling a largely illiterate and frightened population what it thinks it wants to hear, and – by extension – letting the career politicians know what to spread on the bread.

No one is really in charge then. Every part of the democracy has become sick. The media has the lion’s share of the power to influence, but its singular priority is making money – and it has found a winning formula. Uninformed, poor, abused, vulnerable, and desperately frightened people will buy easy answers and look for scapegoats. A media that doesn’t care for the democracy, the people, or indeed the scapegoats will cast the swill to the pigs. No one in government is going to challenge this precisely because we no longer have a tradition of governors, and buying into this insanity keeps them in a job. Sadly this has brought us to Brexit, and is coming shockingly close to giving us a Trump president in the US.

Corporations That Control Your Perception

Author: Jason Michael (@Jeggit)

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