Scotland didn’t have pot to piss in before Brexit, but, now that London’s business types see a loophole for England about to open, our economy is doing swimmingly. What they were telling us before was nothing but a pack of lies.

Not two years ago the UK media position on Scotland – the “script,” the “narrative” – was that our nation was a basket case, unlikely to ever stand on its own two feet without the loving care, attention, and control of the London government. We wouldn’t have a currency or a banking system, we’d never be allowed into the European Union, and without the defence of Westminster we would be overrun by every enemy and plague ever dreamed up or imagined. Our old folk would lose their pensions, we’d never be able to afford our NHS, and jobs would soon become as rare are Scottish Tory MPs.

Two years later and it would seem to be the case that Scotland has experienced an economic miracle without anyone noticing. Scotland, it would appear from reading the British media, is more than capable of either carving out an agreement by which we can remain in both unions or of going it alone. Fleet Street has of course been forced to make this concession because it knows fine well that leaving the EU under the terms presently laid out by the UK government will be disastrous for the British economy.

English businesses, barring the possibility of a get-out-of-jail-free card for the City of London, have no alternative but to be pulled out of the common market, and all of a sudden their mood towards Scotland has shifted. Wouldn’t it be spiffing, they are thinking, if they could do a bit more of their trading through Scotland after Brexit. Their northern colony now has the potential to be their salvation, and so they have nothing but nice things to say about our economy. That’s nice. So there hasn’t been a transformation in Scotland’s economic position. All that has happened is that the London business chiefs and financiers have found the truth more useful than their previous lies.

In Scotland we’ve always known the truth. Our economy is grand. For a nation of some five million people we have managed to always box above our weight. We know perfectly well that with the right policies we can do as well – if not, better – than Ireland, Iceland, Norway, and Denmark. Most of our exports aren’t even counted on our annual trading figures, as those are all taken south. Not even the oil and gas we produce has been counted to our credit. Fleet Street knows this. It has always known this, and has always told us lies. The truth is that we can have whatever we want. We can have our cake and eat it. It is time that we put London’s lies behind us and be a real nation again.

The DisUnited Kingdom? Scotland renews push for ‘liberation’ after Brexit

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