The last thing Theresa May needs right now is a bunch of human rights lawyers standing up for the millions of innocent men, women, and children who are standing in the way of British soldiers on the hunt for more oil.

There are few things more galling to watch than a Conservative Party Conference, packed with aging and privileged toffs who have as much rank and file battle experience as fly in the air, cynically applauding the efforts of the “bravest of the brave; the men and women of our armed forces.” Yet Theresa May, the very woman who ironed out a secret advice deal with a Saudi government that has consistently armed and trained the extremists who are killing those soldiers, has succeeded in making the Tory Party Conference even more repugnant. England’s Prime Minister has only gone and declared war on the human rights lawyers who question the questionable actions of those uniformed men and women who are only ever following orders.

We will never again, in any future conflict, let those activist, left-wing human rights lawyers harangue and harass the bravest of the brave; the men and women of our armed forces.
– Theresa May, 5 October 2016

Putting this in context, we have to remember that this government – led as it is by Mrs. May – fully intends to remove the European Convention on Human Rights from British law; replacing it with a British Bill of Rights tailor-made to suit the warmongering agenda of Britain’s current foreign policy. Theresa’s record on human rights was already as black as the oil her government robs from Iraq and Scotland the moment she set foot inside Number 10. Her “Go-Home” vans directed at immigrants and her efforts to imprison journalists reporting on the criminal actions of British soldiers in the Middle East can leave us in no doubt of the value she places on human beings.

She affirms that Britain will continue to spend one percent of its national income on defence, but the last invasion of Britain was in 1066. Our pence for defence is being spent on funding monstrous régimes like that of Saudi Arabia, on buying drones from the State of Israel, and supporting Al-Qaeda in its fight against Syria – once a paragon of stability in the region. That, by no stretch of the imagination, is national defence. What it is a neo-imperialist programme of conquest, pandering to the objectives of the United States’ global strategy of resource dominance; bringing us – along with the pointless renewal of Trident – to the brink of a nuclear war with Russia.

No one is going to tell you that ninety percent of internally displaced Syrian civilians are fleeing British and US-backed “rebels” into Assad controlled territory. These people know who the aggressors are, and they are voting with their feet and often paying with their lives. Right now human rights lawyers and human rights law are needed where they matter most, but truth and justice don’t serve Britain’s purposes all too well. These activist, left-wing human rights lawyers are getting in the way of the money, and after all that is what all of this is really about. Theresa May’s words are repulsive. They are sickening. She has become all the evidence we need to know that this [dis]United Kingdom has taken the road to hell.

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