This all started when they told us there were too many unanswered questions. Now they have thrown the dice and taken us all down losers’ lane. We are in a situation now where no one has answers and we are all in the dark.

Do you remember when our social betters and all those we know who really do think they are our betters told us that we couldn’t have independence two years ago because there were just too many unanswered questions? At the time they really thought that they, because they are naturally smarter than us, had all the answers. We would stay in the union, enjoy the security of the pound, in the comfort of EU membership, and truly benefit from all the best of both worlds. Well here we are, two years down the road and the shit really has hit the fan. The union has torn itself asunder and dragged us all out of Europe and into the abyss of uncertainty, and the pound has taken a nosedive to where it is currently dancing about on the international currency exchange floor like John Wayne Bobbitt’s nob. All that we have left to show for our decision to stay in the UK are unanswered questions.

We can take a couple of lessons from this recent history of ours. The first and most important thing we can learn from what has happened is that the Better Together campaign didn’t know better than us, and neither did that shower of sycophants; those social climbing clowns who see Scotland as a thing of which to be ashamed. They were all in the dark. Not one of them had their heads in gear. They were chasing after the fools’ gold of Britain as it used to be in the stories old movies told them. It was a load of crap, and a dangerous load of crap at that. Another thing that we can take from this is that the door that will take us out of the UK isn’t closed and we should run to it at the soonest opportunity.

Right now we are looking down the barrel of Brexit, and anyone can tell you that this is not a road we want to be on. Forget for a moment that Europe has the daggers out for London. We have enough to worry about contemplating what will happen to us in a life shackled to the United Kingdom, with our backs turned to the continent. Basic working conditions and pay are on the line. The Tories are savage neoliberalists who are fanatically dedicated to the idea of maximising profit at the expense of the labour force. We are nothing more to them than a means to an end. They see austerity as a good thing. The less they spend on improving the life conditions of ordinary people, they more they get to keep, and there is no limit to the amount these people want to keep.

After this we have to worry about our rights. Westminster has every intention of ditching the rights we have all been given as European citizens. Instead of this they want a British bill of rights that will transform everyone under a certain income bracket into fodder for the national Jeremy Kyle legal system. We don’t mean anything to these people, and very soon everyone is going to realise this. They are amused by us. They mock us. We are performing animals – and all the more so in Scotland and Wales. No one in Britain knows what the future holds because the clowns we have in government, in their self-serving buffoonery, have led us on a merry dance to the very top of the hill of too many unanswered questions. Failure to get out of this comedy show will be the single greatest mistake Scotland will have ever made in its history.

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