As IndyRef2 gathers steam it is interesting to watch the twitching of the unionist corpse. Whether or not it is actually a dead duck, it is clear to see that the Westminster Party has more pressing concerns. It might as well be a dead duck.

News of Ruthie “Tank Girl” Davidson strapping up her jackboots and rallying her minions of tiny Tory storm clouds around a petition to block the healthy running of democracy in Scotland is all the evidence we need right now to know the ball is rolling. Power and momentum is very much with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP but that’s not going to stop the rapid mobilisation of the Crown defence forces. In fact it’s like a red rag to a bull. Every movement in the Nationalist camp at the moment is going to whip Ruthie up into a frenzy. Let her at it. Before the real match begins she will be out of puff, and that’s what we want.

Appealing for the suspension of democracy is real last throw of the dice stuff, and that’s because – for Ruth – this pretty much is the last throw of the dice. Brexit, as we all knew it would be, has been a game changer for Scotland. Down south the new cabinet is fighting for its life; still desperately trying to bring a civil war to an end and get a handle on the damage that triggering Article 50 is likely to inflict, leaving the Scottish Yoon Party out on a limb. Westminster couldn’t care less what happens up here in Scotland for the time being. Brexit is wreaking havoc with Britain’s precious pound, and all eyes are on the money.

Auntie Beeb has been telling us that things are getting better and that the injured pound is on the road to recovery. There is some truth to that standard bullshit – the currency nearly hit rock bottom, and any movement from the bottom is recovery by definition. The truth is quite different. Sterling has been crippled. It is continuing to haemorrhage value against the dollar and the euro, and the real fun won’t begin until someone grows a set and presses the big red Article 50 button. After that we’ll have the pleasure of watching the pound bleed out for two long and painful years.

Britain has no option now but to accept a certain amount of asset drainage from the economy. Ireland, as the European Union’s only other English speaking economy, is gearing up to welcome some of the corporate flight. Sure, the Irish don’t even want tax from them either. This is the reality Ruthie now finds herself in, and she knows as well as we do that she is going to be left up here in Scotland blowing in the wind. A shrewd policy would be to keep her on her toes and have her chasing every conceivable shadow we can muster. As the IndyRef2 engine gathers steam we want to be keeping Ruth and her pals well and truly run off their feet.

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