In no more than three days the coast guards and naval units on the Mediterranean have pulled almost a thousand bodies from the sea. Bodies of infants being washed up daily where we worship the sun, and it doesn’t even make headlines.

Gun shots rang out in the streets of Paris last November and the foundations of the world were shaken. Usual programming was interrupted by ashen faced presenters announcing the terror as though their own children were in the carnage. Blue, white, and red was draped like a pall over the heartbroken social media profiles of tens of millions around the world, and Muslim leaders were dragged from their beds in every town and city to make suitable apologies. Over 130 murdered innocents we made one hell of a show. It was the same with Brussels and London, hyperbolic drama playing into the hands of hatred and intolerance.

Only in passing did the news mention the insignificant fact that at least two hundred bodies were pulled from the water and that in the past three days more than 700 hundred innocents have been found bobbing lifeless up and down on the sea. This was the official version, but the volunteers and charities working in Italy and Greece have said that the real numbers are far greater. Babies, women, and men, whole families wiped out. Where is our rage? Where is our famous hypocritical and sensational grief and collective shock? No flags over Facebook this week.

All we hear are the voices of the sheep – the idiotic, tabloid informed, ignorant sheep – bleating on about our way of life being “flooded” by hungry mouths and “rapists,” when the reality is that the flood has already claimed them. Our media has gone into overdrive to mask political scandal and defame political opposition to the behaviour of brutes and war criminals, and it is all but silent on the greatest crime of the century. The shame and hypocrisy of “our way of life” knows no bounds. We’ll all live to see the day when the same news agencies are making money from tear-jerking documentaries about how we never did enough to help.

We might even instate a day of remembrance. God, how we love sad ceremonies lamenting the evils of the past we were happy to ignore at the time. Thousands of dead washing ashore on the south of “our way of life” is the greatest catastrophe of this generation and we are doing nothing about it. The mountain of the dead sums up “our way of life,” and our indifference has poisoned us to the core. Our way of life is a death cult. Our leaders have become monsters, far worse than the beasts of our nightmares, and yet we prefer them and their callousness to the invitation the masses on the sea present us to restore our humanity. We have become the dead.

More Than 700 Refugees Found Dead at Sea

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