As President Obama prepares to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the United States’ State Department has released a statement warning US citizens not to travel to Saudi Arabia before or during the presidential visit. Nothing about this, in itself, is newsworthy, and so largely went ignored in the news cycle. To those consuming the Western media this is all that’s going on. When we switch over to Russia Today or the Iranian Press TV we discover there is far more to this than meets the eye, and it’s all very sinister. The Obama administration has been under mounting pressure to declassify 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report that according to Bob Graham, former US senator may (or may not) implicate Saudi Arabia in a US-Saudi conspiracy.

In numerous interviews Graham has been open about his concerns that the Saudi government were deeply involved in the plan to attack the United States, indicating that their alliance with and strategic importance to the United States has given them certain immunity from a US reaction. Thus far this is mostly conjecture. The pages may well be classified as a matter of national security, but let’s suppose for a moment that these secret pages do reveal something of Saudi involvement in the plot against America; then Graham is being perhaps over generous to his own government. In effect he is suggesting that this was an unprovoked foreign attack on the US homeland without the prior knowledge of the United States’ government.

Now let’s recall that Saudi Arabia is a US ally in the Middle East whose tyrannical government survives solely on the good grace of American foreign policy in the region. This makes it less than probable that the Saudis would commit such an act of war, unless, that is, there is another significant actor in the drama of the 28 pages – the US government itself. Remember please that this is only conjecture, but every investigation must begin with a series of hypotheses. If there is something worth investigating here, then everyone at the scene of the crime has to be considered a suspect.

All that is known for sure is that the 9/11 Commission was hampered during the course of its investigations, many significant findings were shown to be erroneous after its publication, a number of the members of the Commission have spoken out against higher government involvement in their research, and 28 pages have been classified. If you do not smell a rat there is something up with your nose. Undoubtedly there is a rat in this mess, and the only real problem is that we don’t know for sure what it is yet. It may or may not involve the Saudi government, but if it does then it is unlikely in the extreme that it doesn’t also involve some element of the US government.

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