Austerity has reached the point in Ireland where the state is targeting the Gardaí (the Irish police force) in its programme of cuts. The squeeze is so bad that the guard dogs are getting less meat in their bowls. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this is a stupid move, but then stupidity is one thing at which the Irish government excels. Not paying the foot soldiers you use to keep the plebs at bay has an inevitable conclusion. Stuck for the cash and other resources the thin blue line has concocted another hilarious tactic to put bread on its table. Now they are singing the hymns of the great terror threat.

Apparently the Gardaí are not equipped to respond sufficiently in the event of an Islamist terror attack. Those familiar with this tin-pot republic will know that this is funny on a number of levels. When you’re not up to the task of fending off the enemy the last thing you should ever do is tell them that – on television. Secondly, a terrorist attack in Ireland?! Really? England’s former Prime Minister left our former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, hanging rather than being seen dead shaking hands with the dodgy little turd. We’re not even important enough for England to smack down anymore. I am pretty sure that ISIS has better things to be doing with itself too.

Yet we already have terrorism alive and well in the country. Due to the utter incompetence and corruption of successive Irish governments we now have a gangland war the state is powerless to arrest. Every couple of weeks we have the O’Mafia gunning each other down in hotels and on street corners all over Dublin. The government, eager to get in on the big boy’s security scam, has decided that a crack-pot version of martial law is called for. Checkpoints have been set up in the poorer parts of the city with armed police officers trying to look cool. There certainly wasn’t this response when the real gangsters in Dáil Éireann and the financial institutions were committing economic treason. No, this is all about controlling the “scumbags.”

Having said all of this, Ireland has left itself wide open to being targeted by foreign terrorists. While not being a US ally, or a member of NATO, we have ceded part of our territory to the US military machine at Shannon. Through this airport our government has facilitated the human rights abuses of the United States against perfectly innocent people, and the movement of troops and weapons – through neutral Ireland – to illegal, unjustifiable imperial wars in the Middle East that have led to the death of more than a million civilians. Perhaps, after all, we are a legitimate target for terrorists abroad, and I hope if they do come they know the way to Leinster House.

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