Every conceivable division in American society has been widened with the arrival of Donald J. Trump into the political arena. On this side of the Atlantic, with all the problems we have in Ireland and in the European Union, it seems as though the American union continually exists perilously close to fragmentation and chaos. With the multiple societal rifts of race, class, and economy forever threatening the peace of the United States, the entire project appears to be more an exercise in consocialism than the workings of a single national democracy. On one level this statement is very true. The United States, as the name implies, is a federation of states, but on another level it is also a federation of different – often hostile – populations and ideologies.

Donald Trump’s Republican nomination campaign, with his open mouth policy, has been like a match in a powder keg. He has been outspoken with his thoughts on Islam and Muslims, the US’s southern neighbour Mexico and Latin and South American people crossing the US border, and on African Americans. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. While he is happy to amass tremendous profits off of the backs of exploited migrant workers in the United States and workers in his Mexican sweatshops, he is employing populist racist themes to bolster his support among some of the most ignorant and undereducated people on the face of the earth.

What is most disturbing is that his strategy is working. Those who support him – ironically enough – are sick of the wealthy fat cats who are running their country, but they hear in his words what they have, in their stupidity, been yearning to say themselves for years: Let’s make America [white] again! This racism is a livewire in US politics, and all that the decades of polite middle class politics have achieved is that it has been kept as an undercurrent of politically correct public discourse. Trump has pulled out the plug, letting the bile gush out into the arena and social tensions are stretching to breaking point, and of course his encouragement has led to hate crimes.

Piers Morgan was given half an hour to interview this Donald Trump. He had the chance to call him to account on his remarks or, at the very least, call Trump’s comments and opinions out for what they are, racist. Yet Morgan, the man who claims he never self-censors, pushed the boat out only so far as referring to Trump’s rhetoric as “controversial.” Reporters like Morgan are too cowardly to call people like Donald Trump out because the rising star might come back to haunt them. If indeed Trump is to be the next president of the United States Morgan would find himself locked out, but in his spinelessness he cannot see that his lack of fibre is fuelling the rise of a monster.

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