Conspiracy theories are a great deal of fun. We have all known the sort of person, usually a harmless and socially awkward middle aged guy, who gets over exercised about the ‘truth of 9/11’ and ‘who really runs the world.’ People like this are interesting and the tales they tell are seldom boring. We all love a good conspiracy theory, and my personal favourite is the one of the high-level backroom deals leading to the creation of a secretive global government. The idea of government leaders putting their heads together to stitch up world politics is fascinating. It’s interesting because the very notion global unity is such a brilliant idea, and yet the conspiracists can’t see it. Sadly, it’s also a load of bunk, and for a couple of reasons. Firstly the current state of international relations more than contradicts the single government theory, and, secondly, because the idea of government has gone out of fashion.

Imagine for a moment a world where private, unelected, foreign interest groups had the freedom to flout democracies and national constitutional laws to persuade or coerce elected world leaders to act in a certain way. Think of a reality were the wealthiest and most influential people and corporations had the power to make the most powerful countries in the world do as they were told – even if it meant going to war. What a much better conspiracy this would be. Pushed to its limits this would effectively be signal global control while, at the same time, obfuscating itself behind the complexity of political business as usual.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recently released emails pertaining to her nation’s policy towards Syria and Iran for the sole benefit of Israel provide strong evidence that we already live in such a world. In spite of the Logan Act (1799 and amended in 1994), forbidding unauthorised negotiation with foreign governments, AIPAC has since 1963 facilitated wholesale felony negotiations with the State of Israel; the only nation to be implicated in an attempt to steal nuclear secrets from the United States. AIPAC continues to bring together influential US business and finance leaders and agents of a foreign state.

Then we have to consider the Bilderberg Group. On the surface this private members club is only about 150 people who meet annually in luxurious destinations around the world. When we consider who these people are, however, even the most conspiracy theory averse begin to get nervous. Bilderberg is an invite only occasion, and only the best get an invite. World leaders, representatives of the owners of the news media, and the captains of industry all do lunch and talk about things voters never mandated them to talk about and things voters will never hear about. Who needs democracy at this level of conspiracy, and who the hell needs a one world government? Let’s just stick to the facts.

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