Once again the bodies of human beings have been washed up on the banks of the river. Women and men with their children and few belongings have shown their determination to flee the carnage the United States and Britain have visited upon their homes in Syria by crossing mountains, deserts, rivers, and seas, at immense risk to themselves, to get into Europe. Once again bodies of the drowned, including babies and small children, have been discovered on the banks of the rivers dividing Macedonia and Greece, and Macedonia keeps its border closed.

Europe has long cherry-picked the most talented, able, and educated from nations like Syria to fill positions in the European economy at the cost of the countries they are taken from, and now, as the people of Syria suffer under the airstrikes of massive Western superpowers, Europe is doing everything in its power to keep out those who need our help. Tonight on the television news such great fanfare was made of the 200 jobs Facebook has “promised” to bring to Ireland, and almost in passing it mentioned the bodies of the worthless dead of the “swarm” of refugees who are “heading our way.”

Are these people worth so little? In Brussels the answer is to negotiate with Turkey – an infamous human rights violator on the edge of the European empire – to take back the unwanted human refuse crossing from Turkey to Greece. Where are our high ideals now? Where is this wonderful Geneva Convention and where is the European Convention on Human Rights? Let me tell you where they are. This European Union has wiped its arse with them and flushed them down the same toilets it has flushed the washed up children of Syria.

These high ideals were never written for the people we once dominated and dehumanised. They were written to protect us from the harm our own European tyrants have inflicted up on us. How inconvenient it has become for the idealists of Europe that our former subjects – these unimportant brown people – are coming to us for help. How inconvenient it is that we put down in writing those things that we would have done unto us. Oh how the hens have come home to roost! The decision makers know that these laws don’t apply to other human beings so long as they can be kept out.

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