Donald John Trump is without doubt the true American nightmare. The prospect of Trump gaining the Republican Party nomination, and the possibility of him being elected President of the United States incites fear in the hearts of middle of the road Republicans and Democrats alike. It isn’t the case that he is a monster. That would be giving him far too much credit. Donald Trump is an idiot and a bigot, but he has become the Frankenstein that a broken political system and the US media have created, and it is terrorising the villagers as we speak. Having said this, we have to ask if the rise of Trump is all bad news.

In an ideal world, certainly from a left or progressive perspective, it would be better to see Senator Bernie Sanders pick up the Democratic nomination and go on to win the presidential election, but this isn’t a perfect world. Even with Saturday’s gains for Sanders, Louisiana, with its numerically superior number of delegates, safeguarded Hilary Clinton’s lead, and the nomination for Sanders is quickly becoming more and more of a distant hope for those who want and need change. We want to see Sanders win, but we have to be honest and see that all the stops have been pulled by the establishment to sink the #FeelTheBern boat.

Unless there is some drastic shift in Democratic voting over the next couple of states the most likely presidential showdown will be between Hilary and Trump, which will give Trump some clear advantages on the road to the White House. Sadly, the fact that Hilary is a woman will work against her in many quarters, and we’d have to add to this her warmongering and the reluctance many of Sanders’ supporters will have in lender her their vote. A Hilary and Trump race will at best be a coin toss between the two. How can this be a good thing?

We’re not going to give Trump one iota of credit for where he presently finds himself. He is the product of an entire system that favours rich white men, that wants nothing other than the preservation of the status quo. Like it or not Donald J. Trump is the perfect fit for this broken system, but the people behind the system aren’t broken, and it is them who will be the redemption of the system in the event of a Trump victory. By holding a mirror to the politicians, the political structure, and the current makeup of US media, President Trump may well force a rethinking at the deepest levels of American society and politics.

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