It’s genius and it’s comic genius. Anonymous, the anonymous global coalition of hacktivists, has gone to war against the Islamic State, and in so doing have exposed the hypocrisy of the US-led coalition’s so-called war against the same. ISIS was the rotten fruit of the United States’ decades-long foreign policy philosophy of my enemy’s enemy is my friend, but when Anonymous decided to up tools against the apparently sworn enemy of the West the US wasn’t in the mood for friendship because the hacktivist groups was actually doing something against ISIS. After years of unfiltered data harvesting by the United States and its allies not a single step had been made in the direction of detecting, let alone intercepting, a terror attack.

Admittedly the United Kingdom has claimed that its intelligence services had uncovered terrorist plots as a result of spying on its population, but to date not one shred of proof has been offered to buck up these claims. We have no reason to doubt Britain’s claims, of course, other than its proven track record of lying (let’s not even get into the UK government’s wholly fabricated case for going to war in Iraq – the war that created ISIS). George W. Bush, in response to the undetected and un-foiled attack on the US in 2001, took the State’s to war against Al-Qaeda and invaded Afghanistan. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan were sheltering Al-Qaeda, and so the US went into Afghanistan (because it was defenceless), avoided Pakistan (because it has nuclear weapons), and invaded Iraq (because, while having nothing to do with the 11 September attacks, it has oil).

Iraq’s complete social destruction by allied and private armies hired by the allies led to the formation of ISIS – clearly in response to war crimes and the abuse and rape of the civilian population by the good guys. Now that the Coalition of the Willing apparently can’t (or won’t) deal with ISIS they have jumped into bed with Al-Nusra (the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda). So now that Uncle Sam and her toys are now working with the people who brought down the World Trade Centre in New York it is clear that it is, and always was, a load of bullshit.

Given that ISIS terrorists do actually pose a serious threat to civilian lives; a threat we can no longer trust our governments to deal with, Anonymous has stepped up to the plate. When it hacked into, and brought down, ISIS’ social media and websites the allies complained that this was counter-productive. Counter-productive for who?! No, at this point we can safely assume that the US and its allies can be ignored in the fight against ISIS. No doubt today – Troll ISIS Day – the racists of cyberspace will have a ball, but it will give the real free world the chance to harass the enemies of civilisation.

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