By further embroiling itself in the Syrian War the Westminster government has lost any right to protest any further Islamic State action in the United Kingdom. Britain is now a belligerent in a conflict that has taken death and destruction to the people of Syria, and – as this is a war (that the British public are paying for) – it can only be expected that death and destruction will be brought to the streets of Britain. David Cameron’s Conservative government and the British media will no doubt describe ISIS bombings and shootings in British cities as terrorism, but that is only a word. In such an asymmetric war – where the firepower of four superpowers is concentrated against the civilian population of Syria – it can only be expected that reprisals will be unconventional.

Cameron may well describe those opposed to military action as “terrorist sympathisers,” but opposition to the war – such as this – agrees that the Islamic State is a problem which satisfies the criteria of a just war. The problem is that the United Kingdom, like France and the United States are not actually at war with Daesh; they have involved themselves in a Cold War proxy war on the side of anti-government rebels in a Syrian civil war and against Russia. Video footage (released by Liveleak and others) and the testimony of international journalists in Syria have confirmed the fact that both the US and France have been protecting ISIS oil convoys on route to Turkey. As part of this coalition Britain too will play its part in securing the transfer of oil resources to the West via Syria in a move calculated to frustrate the historic trade connection between Assad’s Syria and Russia.

ISIS is indeed a problem in the region, but it is clear from the actions of the US-led coalition that they are not the priority. The United States and Russia have gone head-to-head in a global game where the objective is to monopolise the world’s oil resources. Oil is the magic active ingredient of the modern Capitalist-industrial complex, and considering that it is a depleting non-renewable fuel the need to control its diminishing sources has become the imperative cause of the superpowers. All sides in Syria are doing business with those with their hands on the wells; Russia with Assad and the US with ISIS Turkey.

Now British taxpayers’ money is to be invested in getting Cameron’s feet under the table. As a US satellite state the United Kingdom has been under pressure to get involved in this dirty war, a conflict that has repeatedly targeted the civilian population; part of which is the tax revenue of the Assad government. Having little chance of a balanced field against overwhelming air superiority in the region the insurgents on the ground will – as they have shown in Paris – employ unconventional tactics against their attackers. This is no support for the barbaric actions of those who would use terrorism, it is simple a statement of the logic of modern warfare. Britain – every city, man, woman, and child in Britain – is now in the killing zone on the frontlines of another oil war. Do they have a right to complain? Well, their taxes are paying for it.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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