Enough is enough! I will not be paying for water, and I have come to the decision that I am prepared to go to prison rather than pay a single cent for a single drop of water. Tens of thousands of people right across Ireland have made this same decision; many because they won’t, and many because they can’t. Ireland’s political élite have broken this country, and what is meant by this, is that they have not broken themselves – they have set about the destruction of the working people of this country. In the ten years that ordinary working families have been bled dry the ruling class has more than doubled its wealth.

Enough is enough! It is time for change. It is time for change not because we should change, but because we have no other option. In order to protect its interests the Fianna FáilFine GaelLabour cabal has driven the youth of Ireland to the seas, it has ensured that the poorest and most in need have been left on the streets to die, it has exposed the sick and the elderly to death march waiting lists in every public hospital in the country, and it has sunk hard working parents and their families into penury. No meaningful taxation has touched the political and moneyed class; the same class that has brought us to where we are today. No, their gambling debts are to be underwritten with the food from our babies’ mouths.

Right now there is a general election on the horizon, and I have decided that I will cast my vote for anyone – anyone at all – who can remove this shower from government. For the past decade we have watched the political Left in Ireland shatter into factions. To some extent this was to be predicted. Ireland’s Left, like that in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, has been the punch bag of a Capitalist, Neoliberal, right-wing political and economic machine that has at last borne its teeth from Brussels. Already this beast has shown its contempt for the democracy of the common people, and this, more than anything else, should drive on our will to see it destroyed.

Absolutely nothing is guaranteed in this coming election. Merely wanting a better Ireland and a better Europe will not bring about change. We have to get our act together. We have to mobilise the working class of Ireland to get out and vote, and we have to make sure that the Left comes to a common understanding that our votes for them are to ensure the removal of these wolves from the Dáil. I don’t know quite who I will be voting for, but in the weeks and months ahead I – and the rest of the country – want to see a clear plan in place. We want change. We have a right to change. Now let’s see it happen.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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