People stood up and walked out of church when I dared to suggest from the pulpit that Christ was suffering on the streets of Baghdad during the second invasion of Iraq. From another pulpit I was described as a long haired radical after my words on Operation Shock and Awe in Afghanistan, and my own Archbishop ignored me when I pleaded with him to intercede on behalf of men fleeing for their lives who sought sanctuary in St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Our Church and our spiritual fathers were complicit in the darkness that delivered misery and death to thousands, and now – even as the Archbishop of Canterbury has sanctified airstrikes against Syria – we are discovering the depth of the wickedness of the West’s War on Terror.

Not content with inflicting unimaginable suffering on poor defenceless animals, the despoilers of the world have turned their twisted minds to the sadistic torture of their sisters and brothers. In the United States and Britain ordinary working people – the salt of the earth – have contributed through their tax money to the hire of psychopaths who have been sent out like Death and Hades to subdue and dominate. Here in Ireland we have opened up our airfields for the transport of humanity in flying cattle trucks destined for the gates of hell at Guantanamo. Tens of millions around the world have taken to the streets to demand an end to the terrorism of our governments, but all of our cries are falling on deaf ears and still the blood of our sisters and brothers calls out to us.

Not in my name! Yet we will continue to be dismissed as radicals and lunatics so long as we permit the wheels of this present darkness to continue in motion. This struggle for peace and justice is fought daily in our media; an apparatus of professionals who do what they are told, and do what they can to make evil look humorous – and all for their careers.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of this present age. Our resistance must begin with our rejection of this order, a morally courageous turning away from the bribery of a system that defends its wealth and privilege at the cost of its humanity.

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