Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was elected in the most recent Israeli general election on his promise that there would be no Palestinian State. While this might appear to be a move against the current of a perceived movement towards peace and security, it merely clarifies present reality. There is no Palestinian State and nor will there be. Each new round of international negotiations has been carefully framed to as to force Palestine into a rejection of seemingly good proposals. Every peace plan, which has been dictated to Palestine, has come with a series of provisos which cannot be accepted by the Palestinian people without signing their own national death warrant. In order to get its feet under the table the Palestinians must agree to peace being brokered by Israel’s US ally, recognise the existence of an Israeli state which refuses to recognise the existence of Palestine, and consent to the continued illegal process of Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Such a peace can only spell the end of Palestine in Palestine, and peace under such conditions is no peace at all. There has been no shift in Israel’s demands from the beginning of the conflict, but it is always Palestine who refuses the peace.

Faced with such a stalemate, wherein Israel cannot gain the unconditional surrender and self-immolation of the Palestinians, Israel and the United States have pursued another course directed towards the final destruction of Palestine. The West Bank, by the creation of an Israeli security cordon and an extensive network of settlements, has been fully enveloped by the State of Israel, and all access to the outside world has been closed off with its forced separation from Gaza. In its current condition the West Bank cannot be a viable autonomous state. This leaves Israel in control of an occupied territory which cannot be free, and so – as the larger settlement areas have already demonstrated – now desires its formal annexation. What will become of Palestine and the Palestinian people? It is clear that we have passed a threshold towards annexation, and it has become increasingly difficult to see a way out of this for Palestine. It can only now be surmised that we have entered into the end game of Israel’s grand strategy. Considering the rate at which Palestine has been losing territorial control over the past six decades, the most likely result by mid-century is that Palestine will no longer exist. Certainly, if the same level of international neglect continues, this is a mathematical certainty.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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