Not too much longer than a week ago, as I made my way home, two of my neighbours were savagely assaulted in a knife attack. Not long before that a young man was put in a coma after being beaten by a group of baseball bat wielding young men only metres from my home. The Christmas before last a young father who lived a few doors along the street from me was shot to death. Few people outside of the Liberties are even aware of these events. No one really cares. All of this is the senseless violence that happens in the poorer areas of our cities to worthless people. This, in case you are confused, is senseless violence.

Much to my shame today I shot the messenger who brought me troubling news from Jerusalem. At the end of the street where a friend is living in the Old City a Palestinian man stabbed a Jew, and all hell has broken out. It’s big news when there is violence on the streets of Jerusalem, but no one can give a shit when it’s Dublin. My heart breaks for the people of Jerusalem and I worry for the safety of my friends in Palestine and in Israel, but I am at the end of my tether with people insisting that this violence is senseless.
It is anything but senseless.

By all means those responsible for the violence must be brought to justice. An attack on an innocent person is inexcusable and indefensible. Yet those who are insisting that this is senseless violence need to have their heads examined. No one deserves to be attacked on the street and for their life to be taken or put on the line by a stranger with a knife or a gun, yet the attackers are not doing this for no reason. Their actions may be criminal and vile, but they are not senseless. ‘Peace’ has been established in Palestine by ethnic cleansing and genocide – and yes it has, by the political and economic castration of an entire people, and the imprisonment of an entire population. The longer such a peace lasts the sooner the victims die off. Every other avenue for the survival of Palestine has been shut down – and yes it has – by a people who have only recently arrived. We cannot keep a lid on anger forever, and sadly there is blood on the streets of Jerusalem again. I am upset because it makes perfect sense to me.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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