Twice in a single month this blog has now been sullied by the mention of David Cameron, but this one can’t be missed. I don’t hate David Cameron. What I hate is everything he stands for; excess at the cost of the poor and vulnerable, unfettered greed, and the preference of privilege over the needs of the many. Cameron himself is only one man, and as such he is little more than the mouthpiece of the super-rich and the upper class Establishment. We should loath and despise what he thinks, says, and does in the service of his classist agenda, but – to be honest – it is poor mental hygiene to waste time and energy detesting this one man. Our struggle is not against him; someone will always be prepared to fill his shoes.

It is no secret that the stupendously wealthy of the British Establishment have the morals of barnyard animals. Orgies and drug-fuelled parties of every shape and colour have been commonplace in the upper echelons of society since ever there was a human society. Why would it come as a shock that Cameron, himself the scion of a wealthy and powerful British dynasty, had sexual intercourse with the severed head of a pig? The question we ought to have been asking when considering these people is: Why not? At least Charlie Brooker had the foresight to see as much, and surely a toff student at Oxford performing an oral sex act on a dead hog is to be preferred to the systematic rape of children by paedophile rings of other members of his set?

Most people in modern Britain cannot even imagine the opulence of the lives of the British Establishment. Their wealth – old money – was never, and could never be earned in a lifetime. Theirs is a wealth beyond our imaginings, and affords them all the necessities of life which many of us struggle to afford, and purchases for them every conceivable pleasure. What can you get the man who has everything? Having everything has always been their number one problem. Eventually everything gets boring; it loses its lustre, and new pleasures have to be sought to keep them amused.

What you get the man who has everything is something no one else – at least no ordinary person – can have; the forbidden, the taboo, the thrilling. A decapitated porker for ritualistic fellatio has to be pretty tame in a world where one can have absolutely anything forbidden to the average person. It may well be a profound act of disrespect for the butchered animal, but we are talking about a class of person who takes selfies at funerals and whose social equals enjoy little boys and girls, cocaine and prostitutes, and who have the clout to have people murdered. As stomach turning as it all is, we should be relieved to discover that the Prime Minister has only been caught with a pig.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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