Over the past couple of weeks I have felt like a dog chasing its tail; round and round trying to get a hold on all the things that went up in the air the moment I left for Belgium. There are times when I like to think that I am organised, and I know that I am more organised than some people I know, but I’ not all that organised. So many things had to be put on hold whilst I was out of the office, and the past two weeks have been almost completely devoted to catching up with all of those important and no so important things. Tonight this blog has been brought up to date, and Skye and Jura – the parakeets – have been brought safely back to their home above my desk. I hate playing catch up, and I hate chasing my own tail. It is yet another reminder that I should be more organised in future, and right now I am thinking of doing things better in future, but I also know that I won’t. Something has to be said for the best laid plans of mice and men.

It is Saturday 19 September, and it is a slow news day. It is because I have decided that it is. There is plenty to be writing about, but I feel that I need to slow down a little and allow my spirit to catch up with my body. The last few weeks have seen us delve into the horrors of the First World War and engage with the modern horrors of Syria and the refugee crisis unfolding in Eastern Europe. Right now I have decided that it is time for a break – a small interlude for some cerebral bubble gum. If I were anywhere near normal I would sit back and open a bottle of whiskey and treat myself to a shnifter or two, but – even though I do have a bottle lying about – I have decided to sit this one out. Don’t worry too much; normal service will begin again tomorrow. I was even wondering to myself if this is how the Almighty felt on the Saturday of creation. There is no mention that the Creator of the universe sat back and had a dram, but there was a great deal of talk about Good. Right now I feel good. It’s all done, and I am happy with it.

Jason Michael
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