It’s not every day that David Cameron gets given the time of day on this blog, but his hysterical rantings on Twitter of late surely deserve some attention. For its entire existence the BBC has been the fifth column of the Westminster agenda; sitting in our living rooms subtly waging class war of the type that we ingest and interiorise. Whenever the plans of the British Establishment are threatened by the ambitions of the “lower orders” the national broadcaster springs into action, and does everything in its power to convince us that the best interests of the wealthy and powerful are our best interests. Instead of a state that encourages its people to think for themselves, and think critically, Britain has led the field in building a state in which people are told what to think, even when that thinking leads to murder and mayhem. All over Scotland, England, Wales and the occupied counties of Ulster the programme of austerity, which has become the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history, is biting hard and destroying the lives of thousands. Yet it is the genius of the BBC and the Establishment to have left so many of its victims Proud to be British.

Out of nowhere the Labour Party has been reminded of its roots in the person of an unassuming wee man with a woolly jumper and a push bike, and the full force of the propaganda machine has been unleashed. So David Cameron, a man responsible for the deaths of countless innocents around the world, rather than graciously congratulate Jeremy Corbyn – which would have been nice – he demonstrates that he actually believes the bullshit. Is it possible that Cameron is no longer capable of knowing that he is telling lies? There is a difference between Cameron and Corbyn – Cameron is a career politician who will say and do anything to keep his job, while Corbyn, whether we like him or not, actually believes in the things for which he stands. Oddly enough, writing as a Scot, I can see that Cameron is partially right in what he is saying. When addressed to the whole of the United Kingdom, this warning is as mad as a bag of hammers, but had he prefaced it with “Dear Scotland” he would have been right on the money. Labour has shown itself to be the greatest single threat to Scotland’s security and the wellbeing of its people.

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