Experiencing the poetry of strangers on Twitter has turned out to be one of my more rewarding social media projects. One of the delightful discoveries of Words Smith is that nothing is over familiar or stale, but rather continually new and refreshing. Each evening I come home and look through the retweets of the day and find myself completely taken away with the haikus, poetry, and art that people have been sharing, and it seems only right – after gaining so much from other people’s creativity – that I take the time to comment on some of the treasures I have found. As Ireland turns once more out of summer and into autumn the nights are creeping forward, and so tonight it is only fitting that my pick of the week should be on the theme of night.

I do hope that Titti can forgive my undoubtedly appalling translation of her Italian haiku – her and all Word Smith’s Italian readers. What I understood of it was a soft romantic image of the human spirit responding to the arrival of night:

The soul senses
The night robed
In restlessness.

Oh, yes. We can all relate to that experience. Whether insomnia steals away our rest in the dark hours of the night or the night itself is alive with a restless energy, the words capture our shared experience of night. Then there is the developing romance of J. Iron Word:

You have to be cold, oh so cold, if these lines don’t burrow deep into the cockles of your heart. For whatever reason it made me think of an older couple who, having shared their lives together, find themselves rediscovering love – seeing one another in new lights, and realising they had always seen one another thus. Middle age perhaps causes us to grumble at the withering youth of ourselves and our lovers, but ripened maturity looks on the other with wiser eyes and loves in a way that only age and years of togetherness can love. It would be interesting to hear what the author was thinking.

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