European governments and border control agencies have developed a severe distaste for immigration in the past five years primarily because the vast majority of migrants seeking to live in Europe are now coming from Africa. When the immigrants were white South Africans or white Rhodesian farmers, as was the case when Apartheid ended in South Africa and when Robert Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe, Britain and the EU­­ could do nothing but bewail the plight of the victim people and welcome the refugees with open arms. Everything has changed now that those seeking to come to Europe from Africa are black. Europe’s new closed-door policy is a racist policy, and it is fuelling support for right-wing political agendas from one side of Europe to the other. It is much the same when it comes to Europe’s attitude to those coming from the Middle East. As much as Britain and the EU do not want more black Africans, they equally do not want to import religious extremists from the Muslim World. Yet black Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims are migrating towards Europe in numbers never before recorded in human history. The result now is that Europe feels besieged.

At the end of European colonialism in Africa many African states were simply abandoned by their colonial masters in a condition which would ensure they could never become viable nations, and so they oscillated between one ruthless dictatorship and another, and one barbaric civil war and the next. European Powers brutalised Africa in a way we can scarcely imagine. Hundreds of thousands of human beings were subjected to the dehumanisation of slavery; being bought and sold like cattle, worked and beaten to death like animals, and raped as though they were sex toys. From the moment that black Africa was introduced to Europe’s sense of racial superiority it never stood a chance. Now that the northern hemisphere’s reckless industrial behaviour has caused perpetual drought at the equator tens of millions of people in central Africa have been given no choice but to migrate, and in the north Europe’s notions of peace and democracy have destabilised one régime after another. Africans can move in only one direction, and that is north into Europe. Our closed-door policies are every bit as racist as were our actions during the Race for Africa, and we are closing our doors because the arrival of black Africans is reminding us of our guilt.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

2 thoughts on “Why has Immigration into Europe become such a Problem?

  1. Sorry, but I don’t feel guilty. I’m not responsible for an empire that collapsed before I was even conceived. I come from a working-class, council estate, state school background, so my forebears never benefitted either. If you want to look at what is driving the mass migration from Africa look at how the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is destroying the livelihoods of farmers in developing countries. From a purely *English* perspective, our country is overcrowded – with a population density that now exceeds the Netherlands – and under-resourced. Unrestricted immigration is ecologically as well as economically unsustainable and it is the indigenous working-class who bear the brunt of the downward pressure on living standards.


    1. Much of what you are saying I have no problem with. Yes, the CAP is having awful effects on the much of the developing world, and yes, the working people of the nations that make up the British Isles never benefited from empire and colonialism. This was not the argument of the post. The argument was that the history of imperialism in Europe has created most of the problems of modern Africa. This is not to say that you are to blame.


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