So according to Boaz Modai, the soon-to-be-leaving-us Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, the advent of social media and the twenty-four hour news cycle has brought about “an age of instant amnesia.” Our hunger for round the clock information has made us forgot all the good that Israel has done the Palestinian people. In his parting glass letter to the Irish Sunday Independent he took it upon himself to remind us scatter-brained Irish gentiles that ten years ago Israel’s illegal settlers and goliath military complex benevolently upped sticks and left the Gaza Strip. He reminded us that fifteen years ago Yasser Arafat walked away from the Camp David summit, making President Clinton “a failure” – as though Bill needed help on that score. Modai, upset that our use of the language of genocide when discussing Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine, reminded us of Rwanda and, wait for it, the Holocaust. We can take from this swansong only that Modai, in his splendid arrogance, imagines that here in Ireland we are incapable of remembering the benefits of the colonial project. Sure, didn’t Britain do so much good for the island of Ireland? Look, he seems to say, can’t you see how being colonised did so much for Ireland. So why is it that we can’t see the good Israel is doing for Palestine? We must all have very short memories.

Ambassador Modai is banking on us being too dim to see right through his blatant lies. Let’s begin with the internet. Rather than ushering in some apocalyptic age of amnesia, the World Wide Web has only gone and fully and globally democratised our unlimited historical memory. We know about the genocide of Europe’s Jews, and the slaughter in Rwanda, but we know also that not one single Israeli died in the Holocaust, and that very few of Israel’s Holocaust survivors have received a shekel of the compensation the Israeli state bullied out of numerous European countries. Come to think of it, the only nation that appears to have forgotten all about the Holocaust is Modai’s homeland. Few people in Ireland have forgotten the fact that Palestine had nothing to do with the murder of the 1940s, and we certainly haven’t forgotten that the people of Palestine have had to pay the most for that genocide. No, Mr. Modai, we haven’t forgotten a thing. It has not slipped our minds that the collusion of the United States and the Israeli lobby in Washington tailored a deal for Camp David that Arafat could not accept, and worked tirelessly to manufacture a spin that would make sure he carried the can. Yet we’ll take note of your latter, and make a point of remembering that your present Prime Minister won his last election by an appeal to racism and by promising that there would be no Palestinian state.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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