Walter Palmer, a Minnesota dentist and the owner of the River Bluff Dental Practice, is a man whose erectile dysfunction is of such a magnitude that he paid $55,000 for the privilege of hunting down, killing, and butchering one of nature’s most magnificent creatures. Cecil was an adult lion who was the subject of a decade long survey by Oxford University and had become Zimbabwe’s favourite big cat. In the name of sport Palmer, aided by other barbaric poachers, lured Cecil out of his reserve in order to shoot him with an arrow! An arrow! This great white hunter was such an expert with his He-Man toy that Cecil was not killed, but spent the next forty hours in atrocious pain and running for his life until he was eventually tracked down and shot dead with a rifle. He was then skinned and beheaded for the sake of a rich white man’s trophy, and his headless, bloody corpse was left out in the bush to rot.

Social media reacted in heart-warming fashion the moment that the swine’s identity was revealed. Palmer’s surgery’s Facebook page was swamped by angry comments and threats, forcing him to close the account, and the Yelp review of his clinic has been under sustained cyber assault ever since. Supporters of big game hunting have called this a “witch hunt,” without the slightest hint of irony. Yes, it is a hunt, and these savages are the last people on earth who have any right to protest it. Let the cyber hunters have their prey. They are saying that Zimbabwe is poor, and that the hunting licences are a source of much needed money. Poor people will do desperate things to survive, but we must not forget that these hunters would be just as happy to purchase licences to hunt African children if they were on sale. None of their excuses wash. The actions of Walter Palmer and other rich white people like him are despicable; they are beneath contempt, and he deserves everything he gets.

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