Sex and power go together like Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, like Cleopatra and Mark Anthony; well, like Cleopatra and just about any Roman with sufficient clout. It stands to reason that those with real power over our lives in Westminster vent the frustrations of their will-to-power down sleazy and seedy avenues. When a recent Freedom of Information Request revealed that parliamentary computers accessed pornographic websites over 1,300 times a day it came as no surprise. We’re talking about grown adults here, so let’s not be getting our knickers in a twist, but what is galling about this is that our public representatives’ private moments are being funded at the tax payer’s expense.

If this were the limit of MPs’ workplace indiscretions it might be forgivable, but political and establishment sex scandals stemming back decades – many of a seriously criminal nature involving children and drugs – underline the disturbing nature of the British political establishment’s problem with healthy, adult sexual behaviour. When the secret service can issue a series of memos on a Cabinet Minister’s “penchant for little boys;” remarking that it does not pose a threat to national security without the slightest concern for children’s welfare, then we know we are looking at a nasty situation that reaches far beyond the twisted inclinations of any one Member of Parliament.

Our political élite, the cream of the establishment, are predominantly men who have undergone the trauma of privileged abandonment within the boarding school system, where – as research has found – its victims, in order to survive, become identity-denying pack animals and bullies. In exclusively male environments, rejected by their mothers, they develop a deeply ingrained misogyny and suffer an acute arrest in their psycho-sexual development. The result of the process is the creation of psychopathic men who, in other environments, would fit the classic white serial killer profile. Bred, as they are, to be inheritors of the kingdom, this psychosis is compounded by their superiority complex, and their belief that they are above the law.

Now that we have Baron Sewel on film snorting cocaine while enjoying the company of exploited and prostituted young women we really shouldn’t be shocked. It would be almost fair to say that his social conditioning since early childhood – like others of his ilk – has left him so utterly mangled as a human being that he is incapable of behaving otherwise. We can only imagine that in his warped imagination poorer people are there to be used, that vulnerable women are to be degraded and treated as though they are shit to satisfy his despicable urges, and that drugs are a perk of his position. What we have to think over is whether we want this sort of leadership in our country.

Jason Michael
Blog Author


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