On the surface of things Social Welfare, Community Development, and Education sound as though they are beneficial in a country with so much poverty and so many social problems. People need help, and there appear to be mechanisms in place to care for those who are most vulnerable in our society. When we look closer at these mechanisms, however, we see quickly that they are dominated completely by educated middle class professionals; members of the very social class which has been, and continues to be, responsible for the creation and maintenance of the social and economic conditions that keep people in poverty. In effect what this means is that the middle class, consciously or unconsciously, is both the cutting blade and the sticky plaster of the oppressed.

Everyone, without exception, is conditioned by the class system. Middle class professionals who enter into social care careers do so with the assumptions and prejudices of their autochthonic social conditioning. This is simply unavoidable, and these professions are closed to the victims of the class system, as, as the victims, they are at a cultural and educational disadvantage, and so are reduced to dependence on the goodwill of members of the oppressor class. No matter how well-meaning, these social care professionals will not question the essential goodness of the social hierarchy; primarily because of their own awareness that they are its primary beneficiaries.

Any clear insight gained by these professionals into the true nature and consequences of the present system is, in the main, supressed with the use of ingrained class prejudice – for to question the goodness of the system would be to question their income, their own families, and their social equals. In fact, the greatest defence of the status quo is at the level of Social Welfare, Community Development, and Education. This is the troika which has been monopolised by the middle class for the successful waging of a class war against the disadvantaged working class and its resulting underclass. It is not possible for the scions of the oppressor class to liberate the oppressed, and so all of these mechanisms are, at best, farcical. Only the self-realisation of the oppressed can give birth to the consciousness of liberation within the victim class.

Jason Michael
Blog Author


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