As yet I haven’t been decapitated by Islamic State, but my neighbour killed herself with painkillers because of Austerity. Not a single hijacker has smashed an airliner into my house, but I did watch a young family being evicted because of Austerity. I haven’t seen a terrorist in this city yet, but the police have marched up my street because of Austerity. You’ll forgive me for thinking that maybe all this fear they are making us swallow is a load of shite; a massive sleight of hand to take our eyes off the real cancer. All their footage of desert insurgents engineered to win our quiet acquiescence for their corporate rape of the Arab World, while our own governments send our own police forces to enforce the law of wealth over need. You’ll forgive me for thinking that the greatest fool, and my deadliest enemy, is the law abiding citizen.

It is time to choose a side. Doing nothing is a political decision; it is the choice to side with the powerful against the powerless, and right now the powerless are the victims of the greatest savagery of the capitalist experiment. It is time to pick your side. It is time to resist the police dogs who, with great violence, are violating us with this law of privilege. It is time to bring money’s empire down. It’s killing us anyway.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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