It’s a tough life when you are so blooming busy farming out your kids to schools, crèches, and nannies, working a fulltime career, and being an all-round fabulous human being to clean your own kitchen and toilet. There are plenty of people who need help around the home; elderly people, the sick, the disabled, and others. Home helps provide a wonderful and much needed service for those people who truly need that little bit of extra help, but then there are others who are just too busy to do their own work, and, who with the fruit of their busy-ness, hire help for their homes. I’m dead sorry folks, but if you are too busy to clean your own house then you are too busy!

Aye, I have heard it all before. Giving a job to a cleaner or a maid in your private home is providing employment and giving them a chance to get ahead. Rubbish! If this were the case then why are the homes of the domestic help always less lavish then their employers? Do the employers of maids really work harder than the people who clean their bedrooms and dirty toilets? Really?! Let’s not be kidding ourselves on. Having a maid is nothing more than a status symbol and yet another way to humiliate and oppress another human being. Yes, hiring a skivvy – because that is what is being done – does create employment, every bit as much as it allows people with excess money to do less real work.

Imagine a world where people with the means to hire cleaners and maids actually wanted to make the world better for the people around them and paid more tax. Think of the meaningful, socially useful, and dignified work that could be made available to people who are otherwise trapped in a system of poverty where they are at the beck and call of people with the money to avoid cleaning up after themselves. The more I think about it the more I feel sick to my stomach that I live in a world where this is possible. My own mother brought up three boys, worked around the clock in a factory, and, as though by magic, found the time to prepare meals and clean the home, and women and men the world over do the same thing every single day of their lives. The difference is that people like these are poor. They are poor because they do their own work and even find time to do the dishes of the wealthy. This is very much what’s wrong with the world.

Jason Michael
Blog Author

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